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Job profiles Merchant for office management

As a merchant for office management, you will mainly be responsible for communication and cooperation in the office. The tasks range from division-related organization and the use of modern office communications, to taking on individual clerical processing tasks. Word processing is a big part of the job, with a particular focus on formulating and designing texts. Requirement: Vocational extension certificate, advanced technical college certificate or general qualification for university entrance Duration of training: 3 years Training location: Münster

Course of training

During the course of the training, you will be deployed in our various administration offices. You will also get to know different divisions: Sales, marketing, purchasing, human resources, accounts, organization and much more. Internal trainings, English lessons and deployments in our branches throughout the country are important parts of your training.

Professional training options

As a merchant for office management, you have a wealth of opportunities to gain additional qualifications: Administrative assistant, certified secretary, expert merchant in the fields of human resources, marketing or materials management and much more.

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