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Training and dual studies What comes after school?

The choice of career is a decision for life. With a qualified, varied training program, we lay the foundation for your successful career at Brillux.

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Tools for the future: our training professions

Doing something for the younger generation and supporting the talents of young workers in a targeted way – we are facing this obligation with a wide range of training options. Or would you like to combine practical training with university studies? Alongside "traditional" training, Brillux offers dual studies options to help you start your career. The practical training and studies for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science provide an excellent foundation for your career. The qualifications you gain will provide you with the perfect basis for further development in the Brillux Academy and for growing with the demands of your chosen career path. All opportunities for professional development outside the company will also be open to you during your career.

Commercial professions

Commercial/technical professions

IT professions

Training outside Germany


Draw attention to yourself

You have decided to start a training course. You have already chosen the company you wish to apply to. Now you just have to draw attention to yourself with your application. "School grades aren't everything" – impress us with your commitment and dedication to shaping a successful future with Brillux. Your application should include the following documents:

  • A cover letter
  • A CV in table form
  • The last two school reports
  • Any other employment records
  • Add a photo to complete your professional application.


The first impression is key – the final impression remains

We begin selecting our future trainees in the summer of the preceding year, i.e. approximately a year before training is due to start. Training begins on 1 August or 1 September depending on the region. We prefer to receive applications online, sent directly via the job advertisement on this website. This ensures that your application reaches us quickly, safely and in a way that doesn't harm the environment. This method also saves on postage costs and makes communication easier.

More than training

What can you expect from training at Brillux?

The opportunities and stages of training with us are varied – as are the prospects at Brillux.


All activities in the development and professional training field are carried out under the umbrella of the Brillux Academy. We round off our training with interdisciplinary courses at our headquarters in Münster. We regularly invite all trainees and apprentices to the Brillux Academy in Münster in groups. Various internal speakers provide training in a specific part of their specialist field, ensuring that the trainings are extremely varied and diverse. Training options are also available with no restrictions on time and location via e-learning or learning games on technical or business-related topics, for example. Our whole training concept promotes the development of a strong team spirit and creative pioneering approach. And the learning doesn't stop after the training: Our extensive professional training concept offers the opportunity to achieve your potential and to find your own path in your professional career. The in-service training course Brillux B. A. Business Administration is one professional training option.


Trainees who are interested in working in sales are supported individually and in a sales-oriented way – with "Fit for Brillux". Requirements for the development program: above-average performance, extraordinary commitment and the willingness to take a position in another city after training. Tailored to your future career at Brillux, seminars, conventions, trips and events are held at the headquarters in Münster during the training as part of the development program. Numerous responsible positions are currently occupied by former trainees who have also taken this path.

Time at branches

In the summer holidays, Brillux trainees are sent to work at other branches for several weeks. This is a chance to familiarize yourself with the work of other teams and to develop your independence in a targeted way. Company-wide contacts are also established with colleagues and other trainees. Experiences in sales are expanded and enhanced. You have the opportunity to prove your talents and qualities "on the job".


With our well-founded training, we lay the foundation for your professional future: Brillux offers extremely good development opportunities. All the knowledge and skills you need are taught early on. New ideas, personal initiative and motivation help you shape your own career. There are a wide range of professional training options and opportunities for progression, both in commercial and technical professions. Many sales advisors, regional sales mangers and branch managers, office staff, division and group managers completed their training with us and now have careers with a high level of responsibility. Would you like to make a long-term move and live in another city? We can offer you the chance to work at over 160 sites.


In the Brillux academy, all internal professional training options are coordinated - and much more besides.


About us

Brillux is a family-run company in the forth generation and also offers employees ..more than color.