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The right solution for every application

Facade protectionFacade protectionFacade paints are not only for design – their main function is to protect the building structure. ..more
Interior designInterior designBring rooms to life – with the creative ideas and the complete product range from Brillux. ..more
High-quality paintsHigh-quality paintsAnyone looking for environmental compatibility in paints and prime coats puts their his/her in Brillux. ..more
Protecting wooden componentsProtecting wooden componentsAppropriate products and know-how are essential when applying coating materials to wooden components to embellish and protect them permanently. ..more
Smooth surfacesSmooth surfacesEfficiency and quality: Flawlessly smooth surfaces that are easy to apply and easy to sand. ..more
Prime coatsPrime coatsFind the right priming solution for your substrate. ..more
Paint mixing technologyPaint mixing technologyWhen it comes to color design, the Brillux Color System guides you to the desired result. ..more
Insulate correctlyInsulate correctlyWith innovative systems, Brillux paves the way for you to optimally use the potential offered by thermal insulation. ..more
Tool qualityTool qualityThe Brillux product range would not be complete without suitable tools and additional materials. ..more
Floor coatingsFloor coatingsThe requirements for floor coatings are diverse. Brillux provides a coating build-up to fit every application. ..more
Concrete protectionConcrete protectionConcrete is indispensable building material - with a limited service life. Brillux provides an extensive range of products for its protection. ..more
Historic preservationHistoric preservationListed historic buildings have a special value – and are therefore considered to be particularly worthy of protection. ..more
Mold protectionMold protectionMold is part of our natural environment. They occur in nature, as well as in building interiors. ..more
HealthHealthBrillux offers products that fulfill the highest environmental and health standards for every application. ..more
Painting ocean linersPainting ocean linersFor use on ocean liners, Brillux offers products that ensure protection for both health and the environment. ..more