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The Brillux app for smartphone and tablet The practical mobile tool

Whether on the smartphone or your tablet – with the Brillux app, you always have all color shades, all products, all branches and all the latest news at hand. All information can be accessed in no time via the integrated search and scan functions. As a business customer, you can have the products delivered to the workshop or directly to the construction site – as standard goods or tinted.

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Products and data sheets

Via the navigation or search function, technical information incl. the data sheets can be displayed in no time and sent via e-mail. It's even quicker with the integrated code scanner, which detects the EAN or QR codes on the products. Via the shopping basket, business customers can have all products delivered to the workshop or directly to the construction site as standard goods or tinted using the Brillux Color System. 

Flick through the digital color charts or use the online-supported color shade search for a targeted search. To determine color shades precisely on-site, the Brillux Pablo color shade finder can be connected via bluetooth. In addition to the most important color shade values, the Brillux app also always offers different preview versions. Order binding color samples initially if required or – as a Brillux business customer – order the tinted products directly for collection or delivery.

Sites and opening times

To provide quick access to your responsible branch, the app contains the opening times and contact details for each of the over 180 sites. The app always shows your nearest branch while on the move and sends the coordinates directly to your navigation app.

Latest news

Whether events, new products or current sales promotions – the app keeps you up-to-date with all the news. 

Are you familiar with the color designer app?

Are you familiar with the color designer app?

You can use the color designer app to test more complex color designs and visualize your ideas on sample objects or your own photos.