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Outdoor advertising Attract new customers – with advertising that gets seen

On the street, on scaffolding, on your vehicle or on your specialist shop  clearly visible and prominent for passers-by and passing trade: You can also benefit from a professional and eye-catching public image with our support. Use the wide range of options available to help you attract the attention of potential customers and create a good impression! We can design your high-quality outdoor advertising with your individual company logo  professional, quick and eye-catching.

Scaffold tarpaulin

Scaffold tarpaulin and booms

By drawing attention to your company directly on the object, you are advertising your business, your services and your work on a large scale, visible from a distance. Outdoor advertising on scaffolding at a construction site is a great opportunity to win new customers.

You can request the following standard formats directly from your sales advisor:

1.40 m x 1.40 m

2.00 m x 1.00 m

2.00 m x 2.50 m

0.60 m x 2.50 m

subject-based scaffold tarpaulin in the format 2.00 m x 2.50 m are available for different subjects.

Here, you can use the imprint field for your contact details. We also offer a large scaffold tarpaulin in the format 2.50 m x 6.00 m. If you are interested, please contact your sales advisor directly.


Attract attention with flags

Attract attention with advertising flags! Flags act as ambassadors for your brand and your company. They are a clear and unmistakable signal. You can request our flags directly from your sales consultant.

Flags for booms

Format 1.5 m x 4 m with 3 plastic carabiners fixed on the boom and 5 plastic carabiners fixed on the mast.

Flags with stabilizer

To ensure that your advertising flags do not hang limp on the mast when there's no wind, we offer flags with a stabilizer. Simply attach a carbon fiber pole and an aluminum stabilizing rod in the sewn-on pockets in the flag. And you're done! Your flag displays the advertising message even without wind in the format 1.5 m x 4 m.


Format 1.15 m x 3 m on the rod side with a strap reinforcement and 4 plastic carabiners.

Website content

Website content

Here, you will find banners referencing the Brillux website. They are structured so that your customers can access the important information quickly.