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Brillux primers Achieve the desired results on any substrate

The prime coat has a direct and significant impact on the result and durability of the coating.

As an adhesion promoter, it ensures good adhesion to the substrate – a key requirement for reliable surface results. As a consolidating prime coat, it equalizes different substrate absorbencies and prevents formation of "lap-marks" resulting from the excessively rapid setting and drying of the subsequent coatings.

For substrates with low levels of absorbency or chalking substrates, the prime coat binds loose particles and stabilizes the surfaces without closing the pores. And as an isolating prime coat, it reliably isolates stubborn nicotine, oil, soot or water stains. Whatever the situation, the prime coat forms the foundation for perfect surface results!

Find out all you need to know about prime coats for enamel paints and glazes at "Coating build-up"!

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Product assistant: The right primer for every application

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Lacryl Hydro-Gel ELF 695

Hydro-Gel 695: The new, thixotropic prime coat

Lacryl Hydro-Gel ELF 695 is the new solution for efficient priming. The product does not drip, making it extremely easy to apply with a roller. Equalizing substrates with different levels of absorbency is no problem with this aqueous prime coat, and it is also suitable for consolidating plasters, gypsum plasters and gypsum fillers whose surfaces are slightly crumbly.

Interior paints

Interior emulsion paints from Brillux provide advantages in any situation. Especially in terms of our color shade variety.


Facade protection

Facade paints are not only for design – their main function is to protect the building structure.