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The Brillux Color System Precisely to the perfect color shade

The perfect color shade is not achieved by accident. Wherever color design is used: The Brillux Color System will guide you rapidly, reliably, and easily to the desired result. It provides a free, unlimited color shade variety and virtually free product selection for lasting surface perfection. However, purposeful color shade selection depends on a wide range of factors: Is the color shade known and achievable in the desired product? What does it look like? Can the coating be used on External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)? Is it vailable at short notice? And finally: What does the paint cost in the desired color shade?

Finding instead of searching

Brillux can help you find the right color shade quickly: via the Scala color charts, the Pablo Digital mobile color shade scanner, via the color shade search in the Internet, Color Designer or in personal contact with the Brillux consultants or the Color Studios.

Pablo color finder

Pablo Digital 1625 BT: Achieve your goal digitally and on site

The Pablo Digital color shade scanner provides impressive measuring accuracy and variety of functions. Thanks to its three-dimensional LED technology and its three selectable measuring orifice sizes, it reliably distinguishes between multi-colored and textured substrates, such as carpet, curtains, or render. The special feature of Pablo Digital: its unique database. The search for the closest color shade is performed in the Brillux Scala, RAL, RAL Design and NCS color cards. Exclusive spectro codes cover the intermediate color shades in the color spectrum. The light reflective value, price group and, for critical intense color shades, a Basecode recommendation, is shown for the identified color shade. In addition: rendering of color harmonies and a dictation function are also provided. If you want to know which Brillux product and which container size the identified color shade is available in simply use the color shade search or the Brillux app.

Brillux Color Diamond

Color Diamond Color Sensor 1640 – scan colors with the Brillux app

The Brillux Color Diamond 1640 and the Color Diamond mini are handy color sensors that make it possible to quickly and easily detect a color shade from color samples. The digital eye in a diamond lens is simply placed on the color sample. Then open the Brillux App and the color sensor scans the color.

How the sensor works: The digital eye shaped like a diamond is placed on any colored surface. The color sensor scans the color tone with no need for calibration, precisely measures it and transfers the result to a digital end device such as a smartphone or tablet with the free-of-charge Brillux App. Here the nuance that lies closest to the color sample is displayed as colors of the Brillux Scala Color System in the most common color cards as well as in RGB, Lab and HEX.

Scans can be shared in the Brillux App or used for various features features: color design, coloring sample objects or searching for products in the Brillux online shop.

Color Diamond mini: Farbton Türkis
Color Diamond mini: Farbton Violett
Color Diamond mini: Einsatz an Kissenbezug
Color Diamond mini: Farbtonerkennung an Pflanzen
Color Diamond mini: Farbtonerkennung an Polstern

Out now: der Color Diamond mini

The well-designed mini fits in every pocket. Thanks to the two LEDs, the proper color shade can be detected regardless of ambient light.

  • practical and handy color sensor for painters, architects and designers
  • simple color shade display in Brillux Scala, RAL Classic, RGB, Lab and HEX
  • saving, sorting and digital design features with the Brillux App for Android or iOS devices
  • long battery life: up to 6 months or 3,000 scans
  • Scope of delivery: Color Diamond mini, micro USB-charging cable, lanyard and transport bag
The Brillux app ...

The Brillux app ...

... shows the measured color shades directly on your tablet. Different facade and room situations can also be demonstrated.


Paint mixing machines

Best Brillux quality, rapidly and with high color accuracy

If you want to take the chosen color shade with you immediately: High-performance machine technology, innovative software, high-quality tinting pastes, and the range of over 100 tintable quality products make it possible. The color shade can be reproduced at any time. With optimal hiding power for perfect surfaces. On request, we can also deliver the tinted materials directly to your construction site.

Attractive and compact for specialist retailers and painting contractors

Brillux paint mixing systems provide state-of-the-art, convenient, and easy to operate mixing machine technology to the specialist retailers and painting contractors. The mixing system and product range can be arranged to suit individual requirements based on the modular principle. Our tailored mixing machine concept consists of solvent-based alkyd pastes and/or solvent-free Aquatec pastes, two metering machines or a mixing machine, with color measuring instrument or color shade scanner. Proven in the specialist retail and painting contractor sectors – the Scala Color Edition Mixing System:

  • Low space requirements due to a 88 cm narrow metering machine
  • Just 1620 solvent-free pastes required for solvent- and water-based products
  • More than 100 tintable products: Hydro-PU-Tec paint, solvent-based enamel paints and glazes, wall paints, silicone resin, and silicate paints, acrylate facade paints, Creativ products, prime coats and plastering, as well as concrete and floor coverings
  • Enamel paint and glaze containers tintable from 375 ml – wall paints in oval 1-liter, 2.5-liter, 5-liter, 10-liter and 15-liter containers, which allow user-friendly application with the paint roller directly from the paint container
  • Formula database and formulation program for tinting any arbitrary color shade
  • Twin-ball metering valve with cleaning system for exact paste metering: fast, precise, reproducible without drying on the nozzle, and with minimal paste consumption

Anti-graffiti system

Color accuracy and selective overcoating

Whether on public buildings or private homes: Illegally sprayed-on writing or pictures are annoying. For a long time, removing them was a time-consuming and costly process. Anyone looking for an ecological and economical solution need look no further than the Brillux Anti-Graffiti System. Only the facade surface affected by the graffiti is overcoated – precisely and with high color accuracy. Reliable and fast.

The exact color shade in three steps

1. Measure and adjust the facade color shades

The mobile Brillux color measuring instrument MF 100 automatically allows for the level of soiling and the texture of the substrate, such as smooth metal surfaces, fine render or coarse render.

2. Apply the primer

Matched to the relevant substrate, the primer ensures optimal adhesion of the top coat and prevents graffiti or other soiling and stains from penetrating.

3. Cover the affected area with the exactly the same nuances

The primer is covered with the facade color shade that was mixed using the special software – leaving the graffiti practically invisible.

Basecode system

Innovative solution for critical color shades

Not every color covers equally well. But even critical intensive color shades can still be coated quickly and economically: with the Basecode system developed by Brillux. The principle is simple: Every professional painter saves time by using a covering first coat in a Basecode color shade. Because two additional coats of the brilliant final color shade are sufficient to achieve optimal hiding power. The result is a uniform surface appearance with optimal leveling. The advantages:

  • Outstanding hiding power for critical intense color shades
  • Optimal quality of the primer with regard to adhesion, drying, and sandability
  • Use of low-cost gray Basecode color shades for the first coat
  • Reduction of the number of work steps and of the material consumption
  • Reliable Basecode recommendation at every Brillux branch and in the mixing machine software
  • <p>Each critical color shade is combined with an individual Basecode (on the left, the non-covering coating build-up without Basecode, on the right the build-up with Basecode).</p>

    Each critical color shade is combined with an individual Basecode (on the left, the non-covering coating build-up…

Scala color planning system

Scala color planning system

1,514 color shades have been selected for you - and make planning rooms and facades easy and reliable.