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The German Facade Award will become… The Brillux Design Award

After 25 successful years of the "German Facade Award", the renowned competition is realigning itself. The German Facade Award will become the Brillux Design Award!

Take part! Because the opportunity to win these coveted awards is now opening up to you in new dimensions:

  • Limitless: From now on, the competition is no longer limited to German and Austrian facade designs. It is now possible to submit projects realized worldwide with Brillux products.
  • Well sorted: The Brillux Design Award will be presented in six updated categories.
  • Brand new: From now on, the competition will also award prizes for the best interior designs.
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Your submission

Submit your project now!

Take part in the new Brillux Design Award! In six categories Brillux will honor the most outstanding projects that distinguish themselves through their architecture, imagination, boldness and execution. Worldwide participation is now possible and encouraged, so don't hesitate! Architects and interior designers as well as craftsmen and contractors are eligible to submit entries. Joint applications are welcome.

Collect pictures, plans and information about your project and contact either your Brillux sales representative or the export department ( / +49 251 7188-229) today!

  • Submissions for the 2019 Brillux Design Award will be accepted from May 2018.
  • Deadline for submission is December 31st, 2018. Only documents submitted in time and in full will be considered for the competition.
  • Projects for which the facade or interior design was realized with Brillux products between January 2016 and December 2018 can be submitted for the 2019 competition. There is no regional or national restriction.
  • It is recommended to use high-quality photographs for the submission in order to create an optimal basis for the jury's assessment. The winning project will be photographed by a professional photographer on behalf of Brillux after the jury meeting.

The categories

New categories, new standards

How we build, how we design built environments and how we live in them: All of this has changed rapidly in the last quarter of a century. For 25 years, the German Facade Award has accompanied, reflected and promoted this change.

The recognized competition is now expanding the perspective: The new Brillux Design Award shows – across national borders, in the exterior and interior and in new and existing buildings – exemplary designs that enrich, develop, and creatively transform our living spaces and cityscapes. The Brillux Design Award honors projects, their designers from architecture and trade, and their clients in six newly conceived categories.

1. Residential buildings

The category includes residential buildings with exemplary colored facade designs – both for the renovation of existing buildings and for new buildings. All building typologies can be submitted, from single-family houses and apartment buildings to historical buildings and high-rise buildings. Mixed uses of residential and commercial property assigned to this category if the proportion of residential property predominates. In particular, the integration into the urban space or the living environment plays an important role in the assessment. Facades constructed with ETICS systems must be submitted in the category Energy-efficient facade systems (ETICS).

2. Public buildings

This category includes exemplary facade designs for public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, social institutions, and museums – both in existing and new buildings. Temporary public uses can also be assigned to this category.   

3. Commercial buildings

Masterfully designed building envelopes of office and commercial buildings, factory and warehouse buildings, and residential and commercial buildings with a predominantly commercial use are included in this category.

4. Energy-efficient facade systems (ETICS)

Here, existing and new buildings that have been designed or completely or partially renovated with ETICS in an energy-efficient manner can be submitted. A professional and high quality implementation of the ETICS facade as well as the design performance will be evaluated It should take architectural and aesthetic requirements into account – from the choice of the final coating and its color scheme to the integration of design elements.

5. Interior concepts for living

Harmonious interior concepts that respond to the respective needs of the user – in particular through the color design – can be submitted in this category. Submissions can come from all areas of daily life – from residential construction to care facilities to exhibition rooms.

6. Interior concepts for working

This category includes contemporary interior concepts for workspaces that contribute to a good working atmosphere, particularly through their color design. In addition to offices, this includes all areas where work is carried out – from schools to workshops.

Your benefit

Image promotion and reputation

The new award for outstanding facade and interior design is an important award that is given only to the best projects: The Brillux Design Award expert jury nominates the three most outstanding entries in each of the six categories and selects the respective winner of the category from these nominees. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony to which all nominees are invited.

Added value for nominees and winners

The best of the Brillux Design Awards 2019 endowed with prize money totaling €25,000 can expect high acknowledgment for their performance, a great deal of interest from the media and the industry, and an effective means to market their success. In addition, the prizewinners and nominees will receive professional photographic material of their award-winning projects as well as editorial reports for their own PR activities.

Award winners show even more presence

The winners of the Brillux Design Award benefit from a high media presence: Following the awards ceremony, trade journals from the fields of architecture, housing and crafts will report in detail on the winning projects as well as those involved. New advertising and PR measures will also make the winners of the competition visible to customers and the public.

Brillux Design Award: Logo

The winners and nominees are entitled to display the Brillux Design Award logo in their print and online media in order to draw attention to their award or nomination.

Brillux Design Award: Project guide

The nominated projects in the competition will be listed and presented on a map on the award website. Interested parties can use this guide to find out where the award-winning project can be found as well as who planned and executed it.

Striking extras

The winning package also includes a sticker set with which the Brillux Design Award can be presented to the outside world (e.g. on quotation letters or other business communication). A weatherproof, metal logo will also be presented to the award winners.

The jury

An internationally experienced jury of experts will award the prizes

The new expert jury of the Brillux Design Award will meet for the first time in March 2019. The competition was able to attract independent, internationally experienced experts from architecture, interior design, and trade for the jury. They evaluate the submissions and nominate the finalists in a transparent selection process.

For the facade, the jury focuses on the harmonious interplay of components, materials, and colors as well as their successful integration into the architectural environment. In interior design, the focus is on the implementation of color concepts that successfully combine the requirements for use and interior design.

This competition honors projects characterized by outstanding design and architecture combined with high quality craftsmanship that were realized between January 2016 and December 2018 with Brillux products.

The Brillux Design Award promotes the preservation and strengthening of an identity-creating and livable environment. This special architectural cultural aspiration is particularly reflected in the interdisciplinary composition of the jury.

Thomas Brewitt
Thomas Brewitt, Architect and & Graduate Engineer, Brewittarchitektur BDA, Bielefeld
Martin Haas
Martin Haas, Architect, Graduate Engineer, MSc, haas cook zemmrich STUDIO2050, Stuttgart
Ulrike Kerber
Prof. Ulrike Kerber, Interior Designer, Graduate Engineer Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Detmold
Christian Mohr
Christian Mohr, Business Graduate, Managing Director Malerwerkstätten Mohr, Bochum
Reiner Nagel
Reiner Nagel, Architect & City Planner, Chair Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Potsdam
Franz Rebl
Franz Rebl, Managing Director Franz Rebl Malereibetrieb GmbH, Landau
Axel Soyez
Axel Soyez, Managing Director Soyez Stuckateur GmbH, Ilsfeld
Herwig Spiegl
Herwig Spiegl, Architect, AllesWirdGut Architektur, Vienna
Karsten Wedeward
Karsten Wedeward, Managing Director Hubert Jürgens Malereibetrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

The awards ceremony

The awards ceremony will shine in a new setting

In the spotlight of the Brillux Design Awards are design concepts for space and facade that have been implemented in an idealistic, trend-setting, and expert manner. What’s more: The award promotes dialog between architects, craftsmen, and contractors. The awards ceremony will focus on the exchange between all stakeholders and the public.

Save the date: On September 23, 2019, the Brillux Design Award will be presented for the first time in a new look. All nominees will be invited to this event in spring of 2019.

The industry looks to the LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur at Domplatz in Münster. The award-winning art museum planned by Volker Staab was opened in 2014. It will provide the inspiring setting for the festive awards ceremony and presentation of the award-winning projects.

The dates

The dates at a glance

Offer and start of submission: May 2018 → Submission deadline: December 31, 2018 → Jury meeting: March 15, 2019 → Awards ceremony: September 23, 2019

The history

The history: Previously Facade Award – now Design Award

The Brillux Design Award will be presented for the first time in 2019 yet also looks back on 25 years of history. The now international competition has developed from the German Facade Award: Since 1991, this invitation to tender has awarded prizes to outstanding facade designs – initially in Germany but from 2012, also in Austria and Switzerland.

The unique thing about the German Facade Award and now the Brillux Design Award: It brings all those involved in the construction – craftsmen, architects, and contractors – into conversation. This fruitful dialog promotes the common concern to make residential districts, industrial areas, squares, streets, educational facilities, and workplaces more livable.

The anniversary winners of the 25th German Facade Award in 2016 did an excellent job. Be inspired by the award-winning projects.

Anniversary award winners