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The Brillux Founder’s Package Taking the leap into self-employment


The Brillux Founder’s Package

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Getting started can be hard? Not when Brillux has your back. With the founder’s package, master craftsmen, young entrepreneurs and successors get off to a flying start – right from day one!

When starting up a business, many founders often face a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, but Brillux can help them get started. With a small financial investment, you are professionally positioned from day one and can successfully market your business.

Our graphic and web design professionals will develop a corporate design for you with a logo, vehicle branding design, business cards and letterheads. The best: the invoice for your Founder’s Package is only due after 12 months.

Our services

Your advertising package includes:

  • individual logo design
  • graphic design and printing of business cards (200 pcs)
  • graphic design and printing of letterheads (1,000 pcs)
  • one vehicle branding layout

Furthermore, Brillux offers you a reimbursement of the fee for your Founder’s Package of 10% of annual Brillux products purchased up to the amount of the Founder’s Package price. As a Brillux customer with a good order book, you may not pay a cent at all for your top advertising package. Unbeatable!

We develop an exclusive logo for you so that you are recognized at first glance throughout your whole region. With this trademark, you stand out from the competition and position yourself uniquely.

Your ticket to a good impression and the right contacts. Beautiful and informative – designed and printed for you so that you can start acquiring customers right away.

Professional on the construction site and in the office: business stationery like this is convincing and enhances your correspondence.

Make sure you catch the eye on the roads with your distinctive vehicle labeling. This generates important new customer contacts and complements your company identity.

Professionalism creates trust

With a professional appearance, you will convince your customers, show seriousness and gain the trust of new customers. With the right layout, you can emphasize your strengths and create recognition value – all at top conditions! For more information, please contact the Brillux team.

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