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Painting ocean liners Cast off!

Ocean liners that fly the flag of an EU country are subject to special conditions in terms of the products used onboard. The Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU developed by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) relating to marine equipment contains corresponding product criteria that ensure safety for human health and the environment on seagoing vessels. They are stricter than the rules for inland waterway vessels.

Strict criteria

The following Brillux products adhere to these strict criteria and are also regularly reviewed by the agency for maritime safety. This is made clear with a symbol of a ship's wheel, also known as the "wheelmark", which is attached to the label.

The dispersions and filler material can, for example, be used in corridors, room or loungers; the paints are ideally suited for door frames and railings.

The documents required for use on ocean liners, such as declarations of conformity and certificates, are available in the Brillux product catalog or in any Brillux branch.

For vessels that do not sail under a European flag different regulations apply, as specified by the respective state. Brillux's certificates are, for example, also accepted by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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