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Interior paints The right product for every application

Every application has its own unique challenges: Regardless of whether the highest surface quality, cost effectiveness, health compatibility, or design options are being considered– interior emulsion paints from Brillux provide advantages in any situation.

Especially in terms of our color shade variety. The product selection guide takes you quickly and directly to the suitable interior paint for every project! Which paint corresponds to the DIN criteria dull matt, wet abrasion resistance class 1, and has a very good covering capacity?

Or which product is available in trendy-white or in your chosen color shade via the Brillux Color System? The product selection guide provides the answers – quickly and easily. By the way: All Brillux emulsion paints are completely solvent-free. This is good for people and for the environment.

Product selection guide for interior paints

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    Grazing light

    In modern architecture in particular, a special light known as grazing light occurs on smooth walls, e.g. due to the floor-to-ceiling windows adjacent to walls. But grazing light can also fall on smooth surfaces without windows due to artificial light. This increases the visual perception of unevennesses in the surface and can also reveal roller marks in the coating.

    In addition to perfect substrate preparation, extremely matt coatings are essential on surfaces like these: Their a long application time and very good leveling allow creation of a homogeneous, lap-mark-free surface structure. Experienced craftsmen immediately think of Brillux Super Latex ELF 3000 in such complex contexts. But now they have to rethink things.

    Because we have improved our bestseller even further: Even better hiding power with the same perfect, dull matt surfaces. And because this new interior emulsion is unique, we have also given it a new name: Brillux Superlux ELF 3000. Find out for yourself. Available in your branch now. Superlux ELF 3000 – our specialist for perfect surfaces, even in difficult lighting conditions. Also in brilliant, intense color shades!

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    Smooth substrates

    A matt coating on smooth substrate requires both professional substrate preparation and the correct top coat for an optimal result. High-quality interior emulsion paints and suitable tools guarantee completely uniform dull matt coatings without lap marks. Paint rollers with extremely dense covers with the shortest possible pile guarantee a high-quality, smooth surface finish – e.g. the polyamide paint roller / small roller 1314.

    Thanks to the extremely high material storage capacity, the roller holds paint extremely effectively and applies it completely evenly. Particularly suited for applying high-quality interior paints on smooth nonwoven wall coverings.

    Textured substrates

    In addition to smooth substrates, texture is also applied to the walls in the private or commercial sector. For public buildings in particular – on new office buildings, apartment buildings or schools – the application on CreaGlas Fabric or new Brillux woodchip wallpaper should also be economical.

    The suitable products from Brillux can provide support in this context. Coverage in one work step. And if you are looking for even more efficiency: The products can also be applied using the low-overspray Airless version – with a time saving of up to 30 percent.

    Sensocryl ELF

    The premium wall finish

    Sensocryl ELF is perfect for applications that are too demanding for other paints. The advantages:

    • Extremely hardwearing and cleanable
    • Disinfectant-resistant
    • Good hiding power
    • Very bright, white color shade
    • Brilliant color shades
    • Low soiling tendency
    • Perfect flow

    Sensocryl ELF guarantees first-class surface results – including in intense color shades. The result is significantly improved stressability of surfaces compared with conventional wall paints. Ideal for medical practices, clean rooms and laboratories, storage areas for food and high-tech products and, of course, also for private living areas.

    A perfect combination!

    Brillux CreaGlas Fabric and Sensocryl ELF creates an extremely hard-wearing coating system that is especially suited for sensitive areas such as hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes, etc. In accordance with DIN 4102, the system build-up with Sensocryl ELF and CreaGlas Fabric or Relief 3490 is also flame-retardant according to test certificate no. P-BWU03-I-16.55.144, B1.


    So that matt also remains matt

    Customers often desire dull matt intense colors for individual interior design. They want to use it to emphasize features or to coat entire wall surfaces. However, matt coatings have previously had a visual flaw: As soon as the coating was mechanically stressed, the so-called "writing effect" appeared. Attempting to remove these light markings on the surface usually made the effect worse. Vetrolux ELF 3100 is different. The interior paint minimizes the writing effect, and the surfaces look beautiful for a long time.

    What causes the "writing effect"?

    In surfaces with matt coatings, the pigments on the surface are exposed. This means that, when subjected to mechanical stress, they can be damaged and crushed. This leaves behind white, glossy marks: the "writing effect". Vetrolux ELF 3100 contains highly transparent functional filler material. This protects the pigments reliably from damage and significantly reduces the "writing effect".

    Vita assortment

    Vita product range: Perfectly healthy living

    For people who are sensitive to potential room air pollution caused by additives in wall coatings, the health aspect is at the top of the list of criteria when choosing products. Low-emission, solvent- and plasticizer-free products have been responding to this demand for years.

    With the Vita emulsions, Brillux is going one step further: Because Vitalux 9000, Vitasmart 9004, Vitasense 9005 and Vitashine 9006 contain no preservatives, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of people who may otherwise suffer from allergic reactions. The freedom from preservatives is a particular advantage, especially in sensitive areas such as children's bedrooms, bedrooms and living spaces, as well as in schools, nurseries and hotels in the public sector.

    Learn more about the entire preservatives-free Vita range here!

    And your favorite color shade is also available "without"

    The Vita emulsions offer maximum creative freedom for wall designs without preservatives. Because the seven tinting paints from Vitamix 9018 are also available completely preservative-free in addition to white. The healthy spectrum therefore ranges from soft, lightly tinted nuances to intense and vibrant yellow, red, blue or green. Delight in color harmonies that always evoke the desired effect.

    All seven colors from Vitamix 9018 can also be mixed with each other. This significantly expands the color space – let your creativity flow freely. And if you need a specific color shade, that's not a problem either: A factory production will deliver your desired color shade from light pastel shades to intense color shades with complete accuracy – and also free from preservatives.

    Silicate paints

    Free from preservatives

    Silicate paints are becoming more and more popular. Their high alkalinity means that they do not need any preservatives – and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. For a wide range of design specifications: Silicate paints can be tinted using the Brillux Color System – or Color Concentrate ELF 9018 suitable for people who suffer from allergies. They also naturally prevent mold growth.

    Complete design freedom

    In bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens: Silicate products are highly water-vapor-permeable and offer natural protection against algae and fungi due to the high alkalinity of the surfaces. The dull matt Silicate Interior Paint ELF 1806 is now also available in intense color shades and provides even more design freedom.

    Mold protection

    Natural prevention, effective control

    The high alkalinity of silicate products offers natural protection from mold and algae. Because they absorb water, the substrate remains largely dry – the mold does not have the moisture it requires for growth. Coating materials containing active substances help prevent mold growth. Brillux recommends Mold Protection 930 for this purpose – tested and approved for use in living spaces. For lasting success, it is important to identify and remove the cause of mold growth before applying the coating.

    Prevention: No chance for mold thanks to correct ventilation and heating

    These include corners, wall surfaces behind cupboards or curtains and uninsulated exterior walls. In addition, corners of rooms on the exterior wall, transitions from the exterior wall to the ceiling and window lintels act as so-called thermal bridges.

    Although leaking window seams provided "permanent ventilation" in the past, modern air-tight windows ensure that neither expensive heat – nor moisture – can escape outwards. The panes in the windows have also been further developed: Single glazing was used in the past. This resulted in cold window panes where condensation could occur, which used to be drained off via the condensation collection channel in a small pipe fitted as standard at that time. under frosty conditions, the condensation turned into frost patterns, which also reduced the moisture content in the air. The double or triple glazing used as standard today no longer acts as a "condensation separator". This is why it is now so important to ventilate regularly because this is the only way to dispose of the accumulated moisture.

    Brief shock ventilation several times a day. This involves opening windows and doors wide for 2 to 15 minutes – preferably with a through draft. As a rule of thumb: In frosty conditions, shock vent for 2–3 minutes, at 0–5 °C for approx. 5 minutes, at 5–10 °C for 5–10 minutes and at 10–15 °C for approx. 15 minutes. A 1/2–1x air exchange per hour is required for hygiene reasons. Having the window open in the "tilt position" for prolonged periods does not help because this allows warm air to continuously escape outwards and condense on the exterior wall. The following applies for the bathroom and kitchen: After showering or cooking, open the window wide for a short time or use the exhaust hood in the kitchen. By the way: Correct ventilation means acting in an energy-efficient way. It prevents moisture penetration of the exterior walls from the interior. Moisture penetration of walls must be absolutely avoided because it conducts heat energy outwards three times as rapidly.

    In addition to correct ventilation, heating correctly is also important. This includes heating all the rooms adequately, keeping the temperatures in bedrooms above 16 °C to the greatest possible extent, keeping the heating on low in rooms that are not used frequently or not used at all and not putting large furniture directly against cold external walls. It is also advisable to ensure that the wall surface temperature in moderately heated rooms does not fall below 15–17 °C as far as possible, which requires room temperatures of about 18 °C.

    Isolating paint

    Problem solver without any solvents

    Stubborn nicotine stains, dried-on water marks, or grease and soot marks – all this can be covered and reliably isolated in interiors with the water-dilutable isolating paint Aqualoma ELF 202. Not only in the residential areas Aqualoma ELF 202 is also ideal for smoke-filled rooms in the gastronomy sector, oil-contaminated areas in industrial areas, commercial kitchens and for renovations following fire and water damage. The formula is completely free from solvents. The advantages: Aqualoma ELF 202 is extremely pleasant to apply, and the rooms can be used again immediately after the renovation. No unpleasant solvent odor in the air.

    Textured coating

    Decorating ceiling areas

    In well-lit rooms, the decorative design of the ceiling areas can be a real challenge. The light situation often makes deciding which direction to start applying woodchip wallpaper or other fabrics from more difficult. The solution is special texture-providing: Structosil 1914, Liquid Woodchip ELF 902 and Latex Plastic ELF 904. For vibrant surfaces on room ceilings, for example in hotel lobbies, meeting rooms or large dining halls.

    Color designer

    Develop harmonious color concepts in no time – with sample scenes or your own photos.


    Color shade search

    If you have the color name - we have the color shade. This makes the search child's play.