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Decorative moldings The backdrop for high-quality wall design

An elegant wall design only becomes unique with stucco. Even in simple rooms, stucco elements create a special, stylish atmosphere. The wide selection of Brillux polystyrene-based decorative moldings offers a perfect alternative to real drawn or cast stucco. The range includes wall, corner and skirting moldings, some of which are available in two different material versions.


Polystyrene: extremely light, extremely hard-wearing

Our decorative moldings with the additional designations CM (corner molding), WM (wall molding) and SM (skirting molding) are made from high-quality, hardened polystyrene. This material composition is particularly durable and water-resistant, so that the moldings can also be used in the skirting area. The additional designation PS (polystyrene) indicates particularly lightweight moldings with an attractive price-performance ratio. In contrast to conventional polystyrene moldings, the shape of the Brillux PS decorative profiles is extremely sharp and filigree – a real novelty in this price class.


Decorative profiles and lighting solutions: TuneLight

Light creates an ambiance and has a major impact on our health and wellbeing. The decorative profiles TL create the perfect combination of space and lighting concepts.

The extremely high quality surface finish of the decorative profiles TL stems from the core. Based on the material polyurethane, a product is created, which is particularly smooth and linear. Polyurethane is also slightly translucent and therefore makes the perfect base for combining decorative profiles with LED lighting technology for indirect lighting.

The different designs enable multiple use of the profiles. Whether as curtain rail ends, as a beautiful decorative element or for use in combination with indirect lighting. The decorative profiles TL are the perfect solution. Particularly when the plan is to install a combination of different profiles.

The lighting technology for all decorative profiles TL

LED lighting technology is now firmly established on the market thanks to the high light output, combined with low power consumption. Due to the flexible, space-saving usage options over large areas, LEDs open up new application areas, both in new builds and in renovation projects. It is advisable to take the system into account in the early planning phase to guarantee optimal use.

Our TuneLight, in combination with the decorative profiles TL, provides the perfect basis for your individual planning. When compiling the components, we placed particular importance on quality and flexibility. The TuneLight system guarantees even coloring and lighting. Among other things, this is achieved through the particularly dense positioning of the LEDs (120 LED/m) and the opal coverings.

What makes TuneLight so special:

  • Brightness regulation = dimmable
  • flexible color shade from cool white to warm white (3,000–6,000 Kelvin)
  • all functions can be operated conveniently via remote control
  • the LED flexible circuit board can be divided every 50 mm
  • extremely high light output with up to 19.2 watt per meter
  • warm white = 590 lm/meter; cool white = 670 lm/meter
  • long-lasting 24-volt system
  • extremely good adaptability to individual room formats.

Design floor covering

The floor covering plays a key role in modern and unique design concepts for a room. Brillux design floor coverings create the desired ambiance.


Wall coverings

Smooth or textured, plain or patterned, white or colored: With the Brillux wall coverings, individual room concepts become reality.