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Wall coverings Quality in beautiful design

Smooth or textured, plain or patterned, white or colored. With the Brillux wall coverings, individual room concepts become reality.

Smooth walls

The substrate is the key

The trend for smooth, straight walls continues: some puristic in matt white, some decorated in stylish colors or coated with the latest, creative design techniques. But the smoother the wall, the better the substrate also has to be. For smooth coats and creative techniques, nonwoven wall coverings from Brillux fulfill all requirements. The two common product categories:

  • Pre-primed fiberglass nonwovens
  • Nonwovens made from cellulose and textile fibers combined with polymer bonding agents

Pre-primed fiberglass nonwovens

Weights per unit area from approximately 130 g/m² to 200 g/m² are available for selection. Particularly suitable as coatable nonwovens are the extremely heavy pre-primed glass nonwovens such as the CreaGlas Nonwoven VG 1001 Premium with a weight per unit area of 195 g/m². Advantages of premium quality: the high degree of flexibility and the fiber-free, smooth surface. A coat with matt, white or light tinted coatings is often all that is needed.

Our fiberglass nonwovens VG K 3000 and VG K 3101 offer particularly efficient application due to their water-activatable adhesive backing. While the fiberglass nonwoven VG K 3101 creates premium surfaces, the fiberglass nonwoven VG K 3000 provides edge-to-edge bonding in the joint area - see video.

Nonwovens made from cellulose and textile fibers combined with polymer bonding agents

The customary nonwovens with weights per unit area from 130 to 170 g/m² are efficient coatable nonwovens – similar to the Rapid Nonwoven 1525 with 160 g/m². Due to their high flexibility and high tear strength, these nonwovens can be applied with a wallpapering device. Xtra Nonwoven 1725 is extremely stable, tear-resistant and therefore crack-bridging: Due to its precoating, it is uniformly absorbent and suitable for homogeneous results, particularly in medium-gloss coatings.

Nonwoven: high requirements on the substrate

For gypsum plaster boards in particular, nonwoven is the right choice as efficient preparation for further coating work. Filling to level Q3 is recommended as a suitable substrate for nonwoven wall coverings – based on the classification for filling plasterboards in accordance with quality levels Q1 to Q4. Wallpapering with nonwoven even achieves a substrate quality similar to level Q4. In most cases, using a nonwoven eliminates the need for large-scale filling and smoothing to achieve level Q4. Other advantages: Nonwoven materials create an evenly absorbing surface and even out the substrate color shade. For the subsequent coatings in color shade white and gloss grade matt, only one coat is usually required.

Perfect surfaces

Perfect surfaces

Everything you need to know about Brillux filler materials and surface qualities in quality levels Q1 to Q4.


Magnetic fiberglass nonwoven

It remains securely in place!

How can you turn ordinary walls into a presentation wall in no time? With CreaGlas fiberglass nonwoven VG 4101 Magnetic. It has a special metal coating on the back. The nonwoven is coated after wallpapering (e.g. with 2C-PU-Finish 3471) to create a presentation area for attaching designs, collages or works of art with magnets. Ten special cone-shaped magnets are already included with every roll of CreaGlas Nonwoven 4101 Magnetic. These stick particularly well to the wall surfaces: Multiple layers of paper can be fixed in any position and even on top of each other. By the way: Magnetic fiberglass nonwoven does not affect mobile reception or WLAN networks in business or conference rooms. CreaGlas Nonwoven VG 4101 Magnetic has a smooth nonwoven surface. Adjacent walls can therefore be papered with fiberglass nonwovens VG 1001 or VG K 3101 in the same look. This ensures that the magnetic presentation surface fits discreetly into the room design.

CreaGlas Fabric

Definite advantages for demanding wall design

No other wall covering is as hard-wearing, while also being completely harmless to health. Brillux CreaGlas Fabrics have the Oeko-Tex® label "Confidence in Textiles - Tested for harmful substances according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard" – in the top product class I "textile products for babies". In conjunction with system coatings, CreaGlas Fabrics create clean, uniform surfaces. They are easy to clean and do not give microorganisms a chance. Depending on the coating, the surface is abrasion resistant and disinfectant-resistant or can even be decontaminated. In the private residential area and in public buildings – CreaGlas Fabrics offer great design flexibility with their wide range of textures and practically endless color options. 

MyHome Wallpaper Collection

For attractive, beautiful walls

The two wallpaper books MyHome "unity" and MyHome "prime" include samples for all the latest design/market trends. They effectively support individual interior design – for customers and consultants alike.

MyHome unity

The sample book contains 124 different designs in four stylish, modern life styles to reflect the taste of any customer. There is also a wide range of wallpaper samples for the entire home in a high-quality display. Eleven pictures of room designs that are just as inspiring as confidently stylish awaken a desire for wallpaper. An ideal basis for a structured consultation with the customer.

A selection of color shades from the Scala color planning system is also offered for each life style – suitable for designing skirting boards, door frames or accent walls.

MyHome prime

To meet the highest demands, you need an extremely elegant selection of wallpapers. The "prime" sample book offers 77 different, contemporary designs and solid-color wallpapers for this purpose: all based on high-quality nonwoven with compact vinyl surfaces and elegant gloss effects. New and classic designs for a sophisticated living environment, as well as for hotels, restaurants and exclusive sales rooms. The 10 atmospheric pictures of room designs are both impressive and inspiring and are perfect for illustrating the room effect for the customer. All wallpapers in the collection are produced exclusively in the profile width of 0.70 and 0.75 m, respectively.


Modern textures and popular classics

Wide variety of textures with individual color design accents: Relief, the coatable wall and ceiling coverings on nonwoven backing turns room concepts into reality.

The Relief collection includes an attractive mixture of modern textures and popular favorites. Trendy graphics, retro style, and floral elements are skilfully combined with all-over designs and textile patterns.

The three advantages for users and customers:

  1. The Relief wall coverings are completely phthalate-free and therefore fulfill the strict requirements of the EU directive 2005/84/EC for toys and baby articles.
  2. Relief is extremely dimensionally stable and easy to apply. The paste application on the wall helps to keep the job site clean. No soaking time required.
  3. Relief is completely strippable when dry for subsequent renovations.

In conjunction with suitable coatings like Glemalux ELF 1000, Superlux ELF 3000 or Sensocryl ELF, Relief fulfills the requirements of DIN 4102 schwer entflammbar B1 (flame-retardant).

All Brillux Relief qualities have the Eurofins "Indoor Air Comfort GOLD" label. The certification indicates compliance with the legally specified product emission values and compliance with several voluntary ecolabels in the EU. The low emissions of the Relief wallpapers also contribute to a good room air quality.

Design tip squeegee technique

The modified squeegee technique can be used to create attractive patina effects in vintage style. Find further information right here.

Relief S – smart and in peak form

The implementation with texture foam on nonwoven backing achieves a creative product that can be individually overcoated. Compared with Relief XL, Relief S has more detailed and more full-surface textures. Relief S has a stable nonwoven backing with approx. 85 g/m², which stands for good substrate hiding power and perfect application.

Relief XL – magnificent and in large format

Relief XL stands out with large-format patterns and the courage to create open spaces. Thanks to the 110 g/ m² nonwoven backing, the material is also stable and high-quality. With the special granulate pattern or the combination of texture foam and granulate, Relief XL creates impressive light-dark effects, which are highlighted effectively by the coating – particularly metallic products like Creativ Lucento 83.

Relief R – subtle patterns with a resistant surface

Relief R is characterized by a particularly compact texture foam, which achieves a higher hardness than Relief S. This more robust version is therefore suitable for use wherever a particularly hard-wearing surface is required. Here too, the stable nonwoven backing has a weight of 85 g/m² and allows efficient application with the wallpaper pasting machine or using the wall-pasting technique, in which paste is applied on the wall.

Rough nonwoven

Composition of nonwoven backing technology and rough nonwoven texture

Rough nonwoven provides extremely good dimensional stability for a perfect joint formation and distinctive texture via the low tension integration of the texture grain. It has an extremely high tear strength and is very easy to apply effectively using adhesive application using the roller or airless method – in both qualities:

  • The modern, cubiform grain: 21 fine and 41 fine-exklusive
  • The classic, elongated grain: 31 medium and 51 coarse

Woodchip wallpaper

The classic with TÜV-tested suitability for people who suffer from allergies

The water-vapor-permeable Brillux woodchip wallpaper adds texture to walls and creates a positive indoor climate. This has also been confirmed by TÜV Nord. The Brillux wall covering was awarded the title "suitable for allergy sufferers" in the voluntary material test. Basis of this test: the physiological harmlessness of the materials used in the manufacturing process and the testing of the entire product for potential allergic reactions – on all three products:

  • The trendy: 31, medium
  • The classic: 51, coarse
  • The rustic: 71, rustic

Apropos "TÜV-tested suitability for people who suffer from allergies": In conjunction with Silicate Interior Paint ELF 1806, a wall buildup suitable for allergy sufferers can be achieved.

Wallpaper pasting machines

Fast and easy application to walls

Using a wallpaper pasting machine is not just profitable for large projects. Wall coverings with a width of 75 cm, especially Brillux Rapid Nonwoven 1525, can be applied particularly efficiently with this equipment. For an application area of just 40 m², at least 40 minutes can be saved compared with manual wallpapering. This is ample time for setting up and cleaning the wallpaper pasting machine. And the larger the area to be wallpapered, the greater the time savings. Depending on the project characteristics and the number of users, the so-called "break-even-point" can even be achieved on smaller application areas. Wallpaper pasting machines provide another decisive advantage for gluing nonwoven material: The glue quantity can be controlled optimally, which is particularly important for the smooth non-woven wall coverings.

Creative techniques

Creative designs for wall surfaces has a long tradition. Brillux offers a wide range of modern, innovative products.


Interior paints

Whether the focus is on quality, economy, compatibility or variety – interior emulsions from Brillux offer advantages in any situation.