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Mineral plaster floor Creative floor coatings with Floortec 2C Mineralico SL 470

Puristic floor surfaces are in demand – in both the commercial outfitting and the private residential sector. Whether to create a jointless, modern industrial look or to achieve the company's own corporate design in different colors. The floor filler material Floortec 2C Mineralico SL 470 provides ample scope for creativity.

Infinite design options

Floortec 2C Mineralico SL 470 achieves a beautiful, slightly streaky texture in the surface, even in monochrome application. Two-tone application is even more effective.

Apply different color shades from a color family to achieve discreet marbling effects. The texturing must be defined before the application, as smoothing should only take place once or twice during application so that the color shades do not blur excessively.

Apply color shades from different color families into one another. With this technique, you can achieve strong contrasts and deliberate mottling. The floor surface can be enlivened greatly. The texturing must be defined before application. Where the different color shades overlap, a new color shade mix is created as a transition. This technique is only recommended for color design professionals.

Patina wanted

As with high-quality parquet flooring, small scratches or imperfections form a patina over time. This effect is desired for puristic floorings and sets them apart from industrially produced strip goods. Hairline cracks in the surface also form part of the appearance of a monolithic floor design. Depending on the substrate construction, they cannot be ruled out completely and are not a technical fault.



Step-by-step to the perfect floor

  • Day 1: Prepare the substrate and smooth with Floor Leveling Compound 3115
  • Day 2: Double prime coat with Multi Floor Primer LF 3084 – mix Floortec 2C Mineralico SL 470 thoroughly with Floortec Hardener 471; spread Mineralico with the scraper and texture with the surface filler knife
  • Day 3: Polish the surface with a rotary disk machine and green pad; vacuum the surface; prime with Floortec 2C Epoxy Primer 473
  • Day 4: Double sealing with Floortec 2C Purolid T 876 (silk matt) lub Floortec 2C Purolid T 877 (silk gloss).

Color shade overview

Unlimited color shade variety

The mineral plaster floor from Brillux is available in 60 selected color shades. For easier orientation, the color shades are divided into five categories. Find the right color shade combinations for your project quickly and reliably.

Gray and gray beige versions reflect the current spirit of the time for creating floor surfaces with concrete character.

Color shades that are reminiscent of chili, cayenne pepper, mustard, or cinnamon. For an intense and tasteful design of floor surfaces.

Turquoise and blue are reminiscent of the beach and ocean, and harmonize with the red of the coral for a vivid color design of floor surfaces.

Intense green, red and orange form the basis for dreamy floor designs in the colors of the sweetest temptations.

Earthy color shades and attractive gray varieties form the basis for the typical loft style in modern interior design.


Please note that deviations between the original color shades and the color shades shown on the screen or print-outs may occur for technical reasons. Brillux products should only be ordered after consulting the color card.


Every floor is unique

From an architectural practice to a vineyard or museum: Mineralico from Brillux gives floors an individual industrial character.