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Colored floor design Floor coatings add a touch of color to life

For functional marking systems or decorative room concepts: Brillux floor coatings combine maximum functionality with individual color design. For floor designs for garages, balconies, hobby cellars through to production halls, Floortec 2C Purolid F 878 , Floortec 2C Epoxy Floor Sealer 848 and Floortec PU Floor Sealer ELF 847 are available in a wide range of Scala color shades via the Brillux Color System.


Aesthetics and functionality cannot always be separated from each other in color design accents: Because the choice of color shade influences the ability of a surface to reflect or absorb light and warmth.

Metal effect

Representative floor with metallic look

Walls in metallic look are still on trend. This fascinating metal look can also be created on floor surfaces. Whether as a glamorous eye-catcher or subtle accent – a shiny metallic floor is guaranteed to attract attention. Implementation takes place via system build-up with Floortec 2C Purolid F 878 or Floortec Floor Sealer ELF 847 in the desired color shade. A double coating with Creativ Lucento 83 with the addition of Creativ Cristallo 183 creates the iridescent metal effect. The surface is then sealed with Floortec 2C Purolid T 876 (silk matt) or Floortec 2C Purolid T 877 (silk gloss).

Metal effects in up to 66 color shades

Gold and silver are the base color shades of the popular decorative effect paint Creativ Lucento 83. There are also 64 additional color shades available via the Brillux Color System based on the "Creativ metallic wall design" color charts. For the floor coatings, the special, subtly textured surface effect is achieved by adding Creativ Cristallo 183. The purely mineral, translucent additive creates a unique look on the floor – with constantly changing perspectives and interesting 3D effects.



All color shades to go

Floortec 2C Purolid F 878, Floortec 2C Epoxy Floor Sealer 848 and Floortec PU Floor Sealer ELF 847 can be tinted in every branch via the Brillux Color System in nearly all of the Scala color shades.

Please use the Scala floor charts for inspiration. The Scala floor charts also contain the sample foils for the Decochips – ideal for customer consultations. Other Floortec coatings can be ordered as special production items.

Interspersing the Decochips

Floortec Decochips 843 are interspersed in the fresh floor coating. A final clear sealing coat with Floortec 2C Purolid T 876 (silk matt) or Floortec 2C Purolid T 877 (silk gloss) after drying binds the Decochips and increases the durability. Further information on use can be found in the data sheets for the relevant Floortec floor coating. Even more interesting effects for individual floor coatings can be achieved with the floor filler material Floortec 2C Mineralico SL 470.

Testing and preparation

Only a strong bond between the base course layer and wear layer guarantees that a floor remains functional over the long-term.


Mineral plaster floor

Puristic floor surfaces are in demand – in both the commercial outfitting and the private residential sector.