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Creativ Lucento 83

Creativ Lucento 83


Durable decorative effect paint with a metallic surface effect Adding Creativ Cristallo 183 achieves a special, subtly textured surface effect with a three-dimensional depth.


  • water-based, low-odor
  • based on a polymer emulsion, solvent- and plasticizer-free
  • for indoors
  • high durability
  • wet-abrasion resistance class 1
  • diffusible
  • can be used on smooth and textured substrates
  • gold and silver-based color shades



Approx. 130 ml/m² per application.


Gold or silver base material
68 color shades via the Brillux Color System in accordance with the "Creative metallic wall design" color card.

Ordering Information

83 / 2.5 l / PU 1