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Scala color planning system Discover color!

Brillux Scala is the color planning system for rooms and facades. All 1,514 Scala color shades were carefully selected based on aspects relevant in practice. The color shades have been selected based on the standards of colorimetry – but the selection has been modified according to perception. This ensures that the color area develops extremely evenly through all spectral ranges. This makes the design with Brillux Scala extremely easy and reliable.

Structure and coding

Colorimetry and perception

The color planning system is based on the Scala color wheel with 32 pure bright shades covering the entire color spectrum. Each of these color shades in the basis for a color family.

The individual color shades are sorted according to the three basic properties color shade, saturation and lightness. The presentation of the Scala color shades therefore follows the standards of colorimetry. To achieve maximum practical benefit, Brillux modified this strict measurement system to include perception-related aspects.

The Scala name code

Color shade, saturation and lightness are the three parameters on which the code of the Scala color shades is based. Each individual color shade is clearly identified by the Scala name code as a six-digit sequence. This code is designed as a open system to enable updates and additions. The first two digits describe the color shade family. The 32 color families are coded in groups of three with the digits 03 to 96. The two subsequent digits provide information on the color shade saturation. The last two digits define its lightness.

Scala tools

From the color box to the sample service

Complex design tasks or manageable objects – the Scala tools always offer the perfect solution.

Scala Color Box: Compact overview for the perfect color shade

The useful box contains all 1514 Scala color shades, including metallics, in two color charts. To view the complete color shade series of a saturation stage, from light to dark: Place color sample pages of the chart for light color shades on the ones for dark color shades in the same color family (e.g. both code 09.09.) – and select.

Scala color sample box: Clearly sorted

The color sample box contains up to 400 color shade sheets in the format DIN long: with colored index sheets for all Scala color families and transparent sample foils with photorealistic interiors and facades. Available in the versions "Basis", "Room and detail" and "Facade and detail".

Scala color cards

Selected color shades: Based on experience, certain color shades are used particularly frequently. The Scala color cards therefore focus on the key color shade selections. For different fields of application.

Woodstains: Compact overview of the woodstain color shades for wood coatings in interior and exterior areas.

Scala color charts: Comprehensive and practice-orientated

The color charts contain comprehensive, practice-orientated color shade selections and are particularly suited for customer consultations and for use on the object.

Facade and detail

  • Excerpt of 384 Scala color shades specifically for designing facade surfaces
  • Color shades are available in silicone and silicate paints and, of course, in organic coatings.
  • Color shade representation on sanded substrate
  • In the qualities Evocryl 200, Silicone Facade Paint 918, Extrasil 1911 and Ultrasil HP 1901, all included color shades achieve the maximum color fastness A1

Room and detail

  • Excerpt of 382 Scala color shades specifically for interior design
  • Collection with color trends and traditional color worlds
  • Color shade representation on sanded substrate

Silicate and silicone paints

  • Excerpt of 268 Scala color shades specifically for designing with inorganically tinted products
  • divided into three categories: Classics, Urban & Nature and Inspiration
  • Color shade representation on sanded substrate

Enamel paints

  • Excerpt from 189 Silk gloss Scala paint shades
  • Focus on stronger color nuances
  • Integration of RAL classic color shades
  • Decorative metallics and practical primer color shades


Glazing and top coats

  • Selection of glazing Scala color shades, specifically for coating wood in interior and exterior areas
  • With additional color shades for covering wood coatings in exterior areas

Floor coating

  • 48 selected Scala color shades for effective colored floor coating
  • 12 films for simulating different decochip effects on the desired colored prime coating

Scala sample service: Optimal color accuracy

Whether for optimal assessment of a color shade or for producing models and drafts – large-scale color samples offer many advantages. Brillux therefore offers each of the 1514 Scala color shades as a full-format coated color shade sheet in the format DIN A4 or DIN long.

Scala Color libraries: For standard graphic programs

To ensure that Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCAD or other programs always have quick access to the entire Scala color spectrum, all Scala color shades are provided as program-specific files with RGB or CMYK color values.

Scala digital: Flexible software solution

Scala digital also helps to find the right color shade when planning and designing. The software offers a wide range of functions for this purpose: determines color shade values or searches for the closest color shades in the color areas Scala, RAL Classic, RAL Design and NCS and much more. Download the program for Windows or Mac here!

Scala color worlds

The eight color worlds

The color shade collection of the Scala color worlds contains 800 Scala color shades in eight atmospheric color worlds, which, with their room and atmosphere motifs, provide color design inspiration. The special feature: The color shades develop artistically as though they had been mixed on an artist's palette. This enables an intuitive and quicker color shade selection. You can see at a glance which color shades fit well together and create a harmonious color scheme. Inspiring insert sheets with room and atmosphere motifs adopt the character of the relevant color shade range and offer ideal points of reference for customer discussions.

Balance color world

For a beautiful, balanced lifestyle. With 205 light to mid-tone tinted color shades that are guaranteed to impress and communicate a clear color direction. From warm yellow and orange variations and violet color shades, to cool blue and green shades.

Dynamic color world

Creates intense color experiences and accents in the room. With 205 intense color shades from the entire color spectrum. Can be combined perfectly with all other color worlds.

Elegance color world

Revel in a distinguished taste. The gray tones help these 205 light to medium color shades create an extremely elegant and sophisticated effect.

Nuance color world

For extremely subtle color perceptions. 20 white nuances with subtle colored tinting: in the entire range from light pastel to white. Sometimes warm, sometimes cool – but always graceful, light and never sterile.

Classic color world

A feast for the senses. 40 extremely dark, tasteful color shades with a high black content, yet also with a clear color assignment. Perfectly coordinated to suit many interior design trends.

Tradition color world

A re-interpretation of the familiar. 25 traditional granite color shades for an individual ambiance. Also perfect as unobtrusive combination shades for the color worlds "Balance", "Dynamic" and "Elegance".

Terrain color world

Comfort really can be this modern. These 50 earth color shades bring a warm and pleasant sense of wellbeing into any interior. Completely relaxed. Yet full of flavor.

Woodstain color world

A colorful feeling even on wood. With 50 coordinated woodstain color shades. Including many gray tones and real wood color shades.

Presentation versions: Eye-catcher and consultation tool in one

Whether as an imposing, illuminated wall presentation or an attractive, space-saving pillar presentation: The decorative acrylic glass modules show off the color shades of the eight atmospheric Scala color worlds optimally. The flair and variety of the individual color worlds becomes apparent at a glance. And even more: The high-quality presentation enables a competent and customer-oriented color consultation. Customers can also take individual color shade strips away with them. The handy color charts ensure that all Scala color worlds are on hand directly and quickly. The only exception: the woodstain color shades.