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Job profiles Laboratory technician

Formulas are the daily tools of the trade. In addition to managing formulas for different product groups, quality checks and optimization, new developments are also part of your work – these may relate to the properties, as well as the color shades of our products. You will work closely with other divisions. Ability to work in a team is therefore essential for laboratory technicians. Duration of training: 3.5 years Training location: Münster, Unna

Course of training

The laboratory is your workplace for the duration of your training. Because it is divided into different areas, you frequently change fields. In the final phase of training, you choose your focus area. Attendance at vocational college: in several blocks, approx. 2-3 months each Also:

  • Lively exchange between the trainees at our plants throughout the entire training, as the laboratories deal with different products
  • Internal trainings by trainers on-site help to identify relationships and to complete the job profile

Professional training options

After several years of professional experience, you can train as a paint engineer or certified technician.

Our other training professions: