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Job profiles Salesperson

At Brillux, the focus is on direct sales. Through our branches, we sell our products directly to our customers. You will work in our customer service office and provide our customers with comprehensive advice on our products. The focus is on direct customer contact here. But customer service over the phone also plays a major part. Requirement: good mandatory school-leaving qualification. We are also happy to receive applications from school leavers or pupils who terminated their vocational school education early, as well as university dropouts. Duration of training: 3 years Locations of training: all branches in Italy

Course of training

In the relevant branch, you will work mainly in the different areas of sales. The focus here is on customer care and optimal customer service. Attendance at vocational college: in several blocks, 1-2 months each Also:

  • Internal trainings
  • Group trainings at the company headquarters in Münster in each training year

Heavily sales-oriented trainees who also perform extremely well, are offered a special development program.

Professional training options

Salespeople in Italy have a broad range of options for further qualification. There are many career paths within the company open to you after the training - particularly in sales.

Our other training professions: