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Job profiles Bachelor of Science (IT)

In the first three semesters, the Bachelors course teaches the basic principles in the fields of IT, mathematics, algorithms, as well as database structures. The programming languages C and Java are taught and used in concrete software projects. From the forth semester onwards, you will deepen your specialist knowledge: You will learn software development concepts and object-oriented systems and software engineering, as well as sound basic principles of operating systems and database technologies. The operational training focuses on designing, developing and maintaining operations-related applications as part of our merchandise management system, as well as supervising interfaces to different external systems. Requirement: Advanced technical college certificate or general qualification for university entrance Duration of training: 4 year course: IT Training location: Münster

Course of training

On the dual studies course, you alternate between theory and practice. The practical element is completed mainly at the headquarters in Münster - in the different IT divisions of our company. After just 2.5 years, you will complete the final examination to qualify as an IT specialist before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. After the first year of training, you will start the first semester at the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Steinfurt. The course ends after the sixth semester with the bachelor's thesis, which you write in the company in a practice-orientated approach.

Professional training options

The practical training as an IT specialist and the Bachelor of Science course provide an excellent foundation for the start to your career. The qualifications you gain will provide you with the perfect basis for further development in the Brillux Academy and for growing with the demands of your chosen career path. All opportunities for professional development outside the company will also be open to you during your career.

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