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Job profiles IT specialist for system integration

The experts in this field must have extensive mathematical and technical understanding. They plan, install and configure complex systems in the field of information and communication technology within our company. These also include networked systems, including all hardware and software components. Depending on the characteristics, they are involved in the technical planning, the installation, service or in the computer center and network operation. Requirement: Vocational extension certificate, advanced technical college certificate or general qualification for university entrance Duration of training: 3 years Training location: Münster

Course of training

You will mainly be deployed in the different areas of the IT department. But it is also essential that you become familiar with other areas of the company, such as the sales department. The focus during the training will be defined together with your trainer. Attendance at vocational college: twice a week Also:

  • External seminars in specific fields, including at the premises of the relevant software and hardware manufacturer
  • Internal trainings and further education options

Professional training options

The Brillux Academy has a wide range on offer for further development and to help you to grow with the demands of their chosen career path. As an IT specialist for system integration, there are a wide range of opportunities for building on your qualifications: certified business economist (in the field of IT), IT process manager and much more.

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