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Job profiles IT specialist for application development

The training as an IT specialist prepares you for a career in the field of information and telecommunication technology. Your tasks will focus on designing, developing and maintaining operations-related applications as part of our merchandise management system, as well as supervising interfaces to different external systems, such as EDIFACT, the internet, financial accounting, warehouse management and production. Requirement: Vocational extension certificate, advanced technical college certificate or general qualification for university entrance Duration of training: 3 years Training location: Münster

Course of training

You will mainly be deployed in the different areas of the IT department. To ensure that you can design programs to match requirements, you must also be familiar with other areas of the company, which is why we will also deploy you in the sales department or in the research field, for example. You will define your focus area (e.g. specialization in software technology like C# or php etc.) during the training together with your trainer. Attendance at vocational college: twice a week Also: Trainings which deepen your operational knowledge

Professional training options

In your professional life, it is important to develop yourself continuously and to grow with the demands of your chosen career. The Brillux academy offers a wide range of professional training opportunities for this purpose. Options for further qualification: Bachelor of Science (Business Information Technology), certified IT specialist, certified programmer and much more.

Our other training professions: