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Job profiles Industrial clerk

Industrial clerks are also all-rounders and specialists for industrial companies. In sales, they produce calculations, maintain price lists and hold sales discussions with customers. In materials management, their tasks include quotation comparisons and holding purchase negotiations with suppliers. In accounting, industrial clerks process, book and check any events arising during business transactions. Requirement: Vocational extension certificate, advanced technical college certificate or general qualification for university entrance Duration of training: 3 years Locations of training: all production sites in Herford, Malsch, Münster or Unna

Course of training

During your training, you will pass through all training departments in the company in a regular cycle (e.g. purchasing, marketing, accounts, sales). In the final training phase, you can choose an area to specialize in with the prospect of being offered a position in the company. Attendance at vocational college: usually twice a week Also: internal seminars, trainings, deployment in the sales branches and more Final examination: before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Professional training options

We place great importance on solid training. The Brillux Academy therefore has a wide range on offer for further development and to help colleagues to grow with the demands of their chosen career path. Industrial clerks also have a wide range of options for further qualification: as certified business economist, industrial business administrator, expert merchant for human resources, marketing or materials management and much more.

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