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Job profiles Bachelor of Arts (BWL)

The focus areas of sales management, cooperation management and general business administration form the pillars of the dual studies. The three-year business administration course provides sound knowledge in the field of marketing and sales. In the practical training element, you will also become familiar with all business areas at Brillux: Materials management, marketing, production management, accounting and human resources. The course prepares you for the market requirements for the trade and construction industry – and builds an understanding for other value-adding partners and their cooperation. Requirement: general qualification for university entrance Duration of training: 3 year course: Business administration trade (construction and sanitation) Training location: NL Heilbronn (practical) and Mosbach (studies)

Course of training

During the dual studies course, you alternate between theory and practice blocks each semester: The theory phase of the semester lasts for approx. three months and takes place at the Cooperative State University in Mosbach. The practical element is completed mainly at the branch in Heilbronn and is rounded off with targeted deployments in the company headquarters in Münster. Here, you will pass through all relevant training departments in the company. Internal trainings and deployments in other branches all over the country round off the practical training. A focus area is chosen in the final phase. At the end of the course, the bachelor's thesis and an oral examination are completed before the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University.

Professional training options

The Brillux Academy has a wide range on offer for further development and to help you to grow with the demands of their chosen career path. The practical training and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) course provide a solid foundation for the start to your career. All opportunities for professional development outside the company will also be open to you during your career.

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