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Window connections Perfect circumferential window thermal insulation

Leaky window connections are not only unsightly – they can also let in water. Exact implementation of connections is therefore essential: both for leak-tightness and for the performance of an external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). This applies to all key components, from the reveal board to the Venetian blind boxes, which contribute to quick and efficient thermal insulation all around the window.

TwoSafe: One system for double security

The TwoSafe window sill system reliably prevents moisture damage and buckling cracks and also impresses with a standardized color and material design. The advantages:

  • TwoSafe fulfills the requirements for leak-tightness during driving rain (first safe) – under all conditions and without additional sealers.
  • It compensates for the thermal length changes in the aluminum window sill (second safe) with the special, two-piece TS Sliding End Element 3800.

Perfect thermal insulation with ETICS reveal boards

The ETICS Reveal Board 3858 is a highly insulating, easy-to-install element for reveal insulation. The advantages:

  • factory-made mineral coating with non-woven embedding sanded on both sides – can be coated directly without reinforcement
  • with integrated corner profile and mesh strip
  • to be applied on load-bearing, level substrates such as brickwork, concrete, old plaster as well as load-bearing old coatings
  • in combination with the ETICS Window Connection Profile 3859, driving rain- and wind-tight window connections – in accordance with the ift-Rosenheim Guideline MO-01/1 "Building structure connection of windows"

Venetian blind boxes

Venetian blind boxes: Integration of sun protection elements

To ensure that window and door lintels for mounting blind elements (Venetian blinds) can be created quickly and easily: The sun protection can be integrated directly in the insulated facade with the ready-to-mount ETICS Venetian Blind Box MD 3862  without compromising on the architectural design and without restrictions in the thermal insulation and sound insulation. The advantages:

  • EPS core with recessed aluminum rail for secure mounting of the Venetian blind elements
  • integrated power connection socket
  • with integrated end profile with drip edge and mesh strips
  • is produced individually in the desired installation length
  • can be used from an insulation thickness of 160 mm or >= 140 mm without brickwork insulation
  • optionally also available without brickwork insulation

Always the right profile

Which connection profile is suitable for which connection? Find out more in our video.

Facade insulation systems

The insulated facade should alsobe beautiful. Individual and unique. Brillux provides six perfectly coordinated ETIC systems for this purpose.


Facade design

An ETICS system means thermal insulation and lasting protection. At Brillux, however, it goes hand in hand with attractive facade design.