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Insulation is worthwhile The campaign for thermal insulation

As early as June 2014, currently the largest campaign for thermal insulation "Insulation is worthwhile" was launched! The association "Qualitätsgedämmt e. V." (QDeV) would like to reach more than 30 million people – and inform them of the benefits of thermal insulation: via the website www.dä, with TV spots with Ulrich Wickert and with editorial contributions in the daily press, online promotions on major news portals, advertisements in building society magazines and much more.

It pays to participate

Qualified specialist companies can register as a professional partner. The advantages: The companies are showcased on the Specialist Craftsmen Search. A wealth of information and promotion tools is also available – from partner packages for your own homepage to scaffold tarpaulin.

Comprehensive information package

The initiator of the campaign is the "Qualitätsgedämmt e.V." association – founded in March 2014 by the family-run company Baumit GmbH, Brillux GmbH & Co. KG, DAW SE and Sto SE & Co. KGaA. With the specialist support of the Institute for Research into Insulation (FIW) and the Society for the Efficient Use of Energy (GRE), a comprehensive information and argumentation package was created on the topic of facade insulation.

Factual and emotional presentation to the public

Via TV, the Internet and the press, the messages on energy efficiency, quality of life and value retention in the building sector are addressed directly at the people who benefit from it. At the center is the long-standing news moderator ("Tagesthemen") and journalist Ulrich Wickert. He is the face and voice of the campaign. As correspondent and editor of numerous TV reports, he provides precisely the required level of objectivity and balance for the topic of facade insulation.

Credible arguments: rational and comprehensive

"Insulation is worthwhile" combines rational and emotional argumentation elements, such as scientific studies and expert discussions, as well as concrete experience reports from home owners on facade insulation. The current contra arguments are also addressed factually, yet comprehensively as an integral part of the campaign.

Facade insulation systems

The insulated facade should alsobe beautiful. Individual and unique. Brillux provides six perfectly coordinated ETIC systems for this purpose.


Facade design

An ETICS system means thermal insulation and lasting protection. At Brillux, however, it goes hand in hand with attractive facade design.