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The Qju system – Thermal insulation made easy

Here we have something that means you can complete your insulation jobs much more quickly, cleanly, easily, reliably, precisely, flexibly, and more ecologically. Don’t believe it? Then discover Qju for yourself – the patented ETIC system from Brillux. Cleverly coordinated components and top-quality equipment make it probably the most efficient, and simultaneously, the most superior ETIC system based on hard foam. The combination of the Qju adhesive foam, the Qju fixing brackets, and nails, makes it easy to achieve a simple, precisely vertical alignment of the Qju insulation boards – all without the hassle of slips or imprints.


What are the benefits of Qju?

There are plenty. In practice, Qju does well in four areas. Each benefit in itself is a strong argument. Together, they make thermal insulation easier than ever before. When are you getting started?


Your benefits:

No mixing, quick set-up times, time saved in adhesive preparation, less cleaning and masking work, faster transport to the scaffolding, etc.

Simply take 10 adhesive foam cans with you onto the scaffolding when you start work and you will have to leave the scaffolding 9 times less than with a conventional mineral adhesive for the same area.

After only 2 hours of bonding time at the latest, insulation boards can be doweled, sanded or directly reinforced – if necessary.


Your benefits:

There is no need for tedious mixing thanks to the ready-to-use Qju adhesive foam. Additionally, a lot less weight is moved around the construction site. One can (750 ml) of the foam yields as much adhesive as 25 kg of conventional mineral adhesive.

Since there is no need to mix mineral-based adhesives, noise pollution (from agitators and silos) is also much lower.

The Qju “fun factor” enhances employee motivation.


Your benefits:

Due to the unique Qju fastening method, positioning facades plumb and level is quick and very easy.

The Qju system features high elasticity, which enables crack resistance and provides protection against mechanical influences from the outside.

Qju impresses with unusually high resistance to hail, kicks, ball tosses and falling bicycles when combined with our reinforcing material Qjusion Hybrid 3718/3719.


Your benefits:

Qju ensures a clean building site by preventing dust and dirt accumulation.

Do you have leftover insulation material on site? We will take care of it and provide you with appropriate waste bags for you to collect your offcuts. We will then collect them.

Qju components

Sticking together: The Qju components

When combined, the Qju components function like a perfectly put-together team, because each component performs its task perfectly. The Qju system offers clear advantages thanks to these perfectly put-together components and the corresponding equipment, in comparison to conventional foam adhesive systems. In other words, One-nil to Qju.

The Qju insulation boards enable offset-free installation, thanks to the circumferential groove and spring.
The Qju fixing brackets provide powerful adhesion in the correct angle.
The Qju fixing nails securely provide the perfect means of adjustment and prevent slipping.
The Qju adhesive foam has partially-collapsing behavior and only expands minimally afterwards.
The Qju adhesive foam gun ensures precise spraying on.

Easy application in five steps

A brief guide – doesn’t take long

Entirely more reliable, faster, and easier: In just five steps, achieve a completely vertical, even surface result.

Step 1: Apply adhesive foam

Shake the can containing the Qju Adhesive Foam 3700, screw on the PUR Foam Gun 3556 and the insulation boards are ready to be affixed.

Step 2: Affix the insulation boards

Apply the Qju insulation boards in the desired position and press down firmly.

Step 3: Glue on the fixing brackets

Pull off the adhesive film from the fixing brackets, apply on the substrate at right angles to the insulation boards.

Step 4: Adjust the level

Now simply gage the insulation board level with the Qju “Shorty” spirit level and fixing brackets, attaching one fixing nail each.

Step 5: Done!

The insulation board is positioned straight and enables further, accurate attachment of other insulation boards.


Simply perfect reinforcement

And here, too, the principle of safer, faster and easier applies: we have further refined the ETIC System Qju and, with the new Qjusion reinforcement plaster, offer you a one-of-a-kind range that was built with only one purpose in mind: to support you even better in your daily work. Whether it's high resistance, processing in adverse weather conditions, or a more extensive assortment of finishing renders, Qjusion has you covered.

We always give the best level of efficacy and safety to the construction site, regardless of the reinforcement material you choose.

Mineral reinforcement plasters are known for their hardness and ability to dry quickly even in poor weather conditions. Organic reinforcement plasters, on the other hand, are easy to apply and are particularly elastic and resistant. Brillux has united these excellent properties in a single reinforcement material. That is precisely what Qjusion Hybrid is.

  • for the whole ETICS year
  • excellent curing
  • fast recoating
  • saves traveling back and forth
  • extra portion of processing safety
  • no risk of efflorescence 
  • optimal protection

The ETIC system Qju in conjunction with an organic reinforcement plaster has always been an ideal match, and we have further refined and adapted it even better to your needs in recent years. But now, with Qjusion Organic 3712 and Qjusion Organic SK 3726 you get two organic reinforcement plasters at once, that can be perfectly handles with the ETIC system Qju.

  • high yield
  • maximum efficiency due to machine processing
  • short set-up times
  • extra portion of processing safety
  • high resistance
  • perfect for the renovation of plastered surfaces

Facade insulation systems

The insulated facades should look beautiful. Individual and unique. Brillux also offers six perfectly coordinated ETICS systems. 


Insulation at a glance

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