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Facade design Insulation provides opportunities for individuality.

The design options for recently thermally insulated facades are unlimited: Not only in the choice of color but also in the material selection: there is a practically endless range of options available. Whether you choose a special render, a ceramic coating, a special facade profile or natural stone – one thing is certain: The design of a facade is unique and individual. Here you will find inspirational ideas to also give your home a unique exterior design.


Attractively smartened up

An extremely modern render design can be created with fine broom strokes. This allows placement of even greater emphasis on the modern architecture of a building, and the graphic-like structure gives the surface a three-dimensional sense of depth. This application technique is particularly suited to ETICS and gives the facade a truly unique look.

Stylish rendering!

Thanks to the traditional combing technique, your facade is guaranteed to look stylish. Originally used to separate different facade areas, today, it is used to texture facades evenly and decorate them individually with mosaic patterns and wavy lines.


My favorite color? Intense.

In the past, intense color shades such as deep red or chocolate brown had to be used with caution on ETICS, as the thermal stress on dark surfaces was extremely high in the summer heat. Thanks to SolReflex, a facade with an intense color shade now remains cool even at high air temperatures, because it reduces the heat build-up for insulated facade surfaces and thus protects the reinforcement and the finishing render from excessive temperatures. With SolReflex, even the most colorful tastes can be implemented.


Profile with style.

Today, we add a three-dimensional character to a recently insulated home with a variety of facade profiles. You can set subtle, fine accents or turn a building into a magnificent eye-catcher on any street. Our facade profiles are extremely robust and resistant and are therefore suitable for insulated facades and any ETIC System. It is an extremely simple way of enhancing the facade creatively and differentiating the building uniquely from the customarily rendered facade.

Natural stone!

Fans of this rustic stone facade can also achieve this look on an insulated facade. With the Brillux ETICS rustic stone panels, the traditional look of carved stone can also be retained on thermally insulated facades. This replica of the natural stone facade has a particularly natural appearance and the final surface coating can be individually designed depending on the texture of the finishing render.


Ancient, yet so beautiful!

Natural stone is ancient in the truest sense of the word. Sandstone formed over 70 million years ago as marine deposits. The Nero Impala granite originating from South Africa is even older. Thus, it is hardly surprising that natural stone is known for longevity and timelessness, making it extremely popular: This design makes any facade highly expressive and unique – thanks to the wide range of different textures, colors and shadings of natural stone.

In a class of its own!

What is it that makes a classic? It never goes out of fashion and is always popular. This also applies to our pebbledash renders: Their high resistance and wide range of variations makes them a consistent front runner. They contain no covering pigments, meaning that they dry clear and show off the stones beautifully. Pebbledash render achieves decorative colored surfaces with texture that provide enjoyment for a very long time.


Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

Mirror fragments add an impressive sheen and sparkling effect to any building facade. The small, broken pieces of mirror in the render look like stars against a white or colored sky. Another advantage: This special material requires no dark color shades or specific lighting conditions to create a glamorous glistening effect.

Mysterious sparkling.

Now any facade can sparkle like a diamond – with the addition of silicon carbide. The combination of silicon and carbon is similar to a diamond in both structure and properties. The sparkling effect is particularly effective on dark color shades. The gray grain can hardly be seen at all here and only the sparkle is visible. Depending on the lighting situation and viewing angle, the facade sparkles like a star-studded night sky.


Exactly my shade!

The facing brick slips made from fired clay are always an exclusive and expressive eye-catcher: Ceramic coverings as an ETICS final coat not only compare favorably with renders and flat facing bricks visually. But they are also resistant to high impact forces. Whether facing brick slips or tile coverings – an extremely creative design can be added to any facade with ceramic coverings.

Simply showing its strengths

Thanks to its raw texture, the popular, trendy concrete look makes extravagant design possible with a modern, purist charm. The result is a minimalist look, which appears dominant yet simple from the outside, while ensuring protection and warmth in rooms that immediately make you feel at home on the inside.

For young and old.

Whether in a traditional facing brick look or for modern architecture: Flat facing bricks offer a wide range of design options for any building type and allow both new and old buildings to be adapted stylishly to their surroundings. With organically bound flat facing bricks, entire facades can be covered easily, individual accents added or a new texture created. The rule is: Anything you like is possible.

Texture and color

The suitable render

Why are renders so popular in the field of facade design? They can not only be manufactured and combined in countless color shades, but also offer a wide selection of different qualities and possible textures: from fine to coarse grain, from scraped render finishes and grooved render textures, to smooth renders and individually texturable modeling renders. There is a suitable render for practically all applications, requirements and substrates:

Rausan-R/KR and Silcosil-KR renders are particularly resistant to air pollutants and can withstand high mechanical stress. They are therefore the first choice in congested urban areas and industrial environments. The organically-bound Rausan render and the silicone-reinforced Silcosil render are also characterized mainly by their outstanding weather resistance. The renders are available in a practically unlimited number of color shades, since both organic and non-organic pigments can be used.

For anyone who does not want to do without the advantages of potassium-water glass-bound render: Brillux silicate render combines a natural surface finish with extremely good weather resistance and also impresses with very good diffusibility.

Silicone render is the all-rounder. It combines the benefits of Rausan with the positive properties of silicate render. It is therefore ideal for use on a ETIC System, because it provides outstanding water-repellent properties and diffusibility. It also impresses with its extreme weather resistance, high mechanical stressability and optimal resistance to air pollutants. A further advantage of silicone render is its very low soiling tendency.

Mineral renders are among the traditional, established top coats for ETIC Systems. They have long been synonymous with good weather resistance and outstanding diffusion properties. In particular where "nicht brennbare" (non-flammable) ETIC Systems based on mineral wool or mineral wool lamellas are required, Brillux Mineral Lightweight Render R/KR is the perfect choice as a top coat.


Facade insulation systems

The insulated facade should alsobe beautiful. Individual and unique. Brillux provides six perfectly coordinated ETIC systems for this purpose.


Insulation is worthwhile

The "Qualitätsgedämmt e.V." Association informs home owners and users of the benefits of thermal insulating composite systems.