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Facade insulation The optimal solution for every application

The insulated facade should alsobe beautiful. Individual and unique. For this purpose, Brillux provides well thought out and perfectly coordinated thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS): for every facade, every requirement profile, and every substrate and application type. From new buildings up to renovation. From single family homes up to high-rise buildings. See for yourself. And discover what makes Brillux thermal insulating composite systems so unique and unmistakable.

The optimal solution for every application

EPS Prime

Traditional thermal insulation

The Brillux ETIC system EPS Prime is efficient, economical, and extremely variable for top coats. As insulation material, EPS is a real classic that has been consistently further developed over the course of time. The EPS Prime insulation boards, for example, have fine graphite particles, which also act as infra-red absorbers or reflectors. The result: an extremely economical system that also provides a wide range of design options.



Qju is unsurpassed: faster, cleaner, safer, more precise, easier, more flexible, more ecological. The patented thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) from Brillux provides a wide range of advantages compared with mineral glued systems. The coordinated components and compatible equipment are also far superior to conventional foam adhesive systems. Qju provides all the advantages of cement-free reinforcement plaster and top coats. The result: probably the most efficient and technically most superior ETIC system based on EPS hard foam.

Qju: a bit more reliable, simpler, and faster

Qju is the first and only foam-bonded system that dispenses with the need for readjustments or surface grinding. Because unique system components reliably prevent the insulation boards from slipping or shearing off: the special, partially collapsing and only minimally expanding Qju Adhesive Foam 3700 and the unique Qju Fixing Bracket 3701. They enable simple, exactly plumb adjustment and fixation of the EPS Qju and PUR Qju insulation boards that have been specially grooved for this purpose. Systematically better – that is the Qju principle from Brillux.

PUR Smart

Problem solver

Wherever space is 'tight'; – i.e. the installation of a thick insulation layer is limited, yet an optimal insulating effect is still required – the ETIC system PUR Smart is the first choice. Because it achieves an optimal insulation result, particularly where limited space is available. The PUR Smart insulation boards with blunt edges can be mounted using the adhesion method or bonding and anchoring technique. The result: a real problem solver for a lean build-up – and additionally with a highly efficient insulating effect.


Highly efficient

What happens when one combines intelligent application with high-performance insulation? Simple: PUR Qju! This system is based on a high-quality PU block foam insulation material which, depending on the insulation thickness, provides an outstanding peak lambda value of up to 0.026 W/mK. This saves raw material, protects the environment, and allows an even leaner ETICS facade constructions. Combined with the unique benefits of the patented Qju system, this system can simply not be beaten in terms of efficiency.

MW Top

MW Top

Increased fire protection requirements? Then the ETIC system Top is the perfect solution: This system is particularly effective on high-rise buildings up to 100 m – or on lower public buildings with increased fire protection requirements, for example. The system can be mounted extremely efficiently on even, load-bearing, and substrates suitable for bonding in particular. But that is not all: This system is also extremely effective for insulating rounded building areas.

MW Ecotop


Ecological aspects also play an ever increasing role in the field of thermal insulation. And rightly so, because ecological ETIC systems don't just contribute to environmental and climate protection during use. Thanks to their positive ecological balance, they save more energy than is required for their production. Brillux offers environmentally-friendly thermal insulation in particular with the ETIC system MW Ecotop. The compacted MW insulation boards are cut from natural raw materials and are used wherever non-combustibility is required. The result: MW Ecotop unites all ecological aspects – and also fulfills all requirements of the Blue Angel label.

System-based product selection


Window connections

Venetian blind boxes, reveal board, TwoSafe, and more: Brillux provides the perfect thermal insulation for everything to do with windows.


Facade design

An ETICS system means thermal insulation and lasting protection. At Brillux, however, it goes hand in hand with attractive facade design.