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Products from Brillux: maximum efficiency as part of a system

Brillux provides system-optimized materials for a multitude of different tasks on site, thereby helping you to be as efficient as possible. Thermal insulation, interior design, paint coatings and much more: products in the system ensure greater safety, maximum efficiency and high customer satisfaction.

Saving time

Filling with a filling nonwoven

Regardless of whether you fill by hand or use a machine: achieving smooth surfaces can be particularly efficient when using a filling nonwoven.

Qju / Qjusion

Using the patented Qju system and Qjusion, insulation work is faster, cleaner, safer, more precise, lighter, more flexible and more ecological.

Detailed ETICS solutions

From the reveal board to the venetian blind box: insulate around windows in an efficient, clean and safe way with these components.

XSpray system and containers

Using the convenient XVLP device and quickly changeable containers, painting jobs are straightforward.

Saving work steps

Balcony coatings without embedded nonwovens

Our balcony coating system is proven to cover cracks – even without the use of nonwovens.

Fiber glass and nonwovens with adhesive rear

Skip the application of adhesive to the wall – and use our fiber and nonwovens with water-activatable adhesive layer.

Rough nonwoven

The best of both worlds: woodchip wallpaper and nonwoven. Together with the choice of application by means of roller or airless, rough nonwoven is particularly efficient to apply.

Personal consultation? Check.

Personal consultation? Check.

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