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Water-based enamel paints Perfect product quality for every application technique

To achieve premium results in paint application, the coating material and application technique must be perfectly coordinated. After all, spray application requires other product properties than roller and paintbrush application. This applies especially to viscosity and stability. When developing water-based enamel paints, Brillux has therefore consistently taken the relevant application parameters into account. The result: Enamel paints for unique, high-tech coatings.

Perfect product quality for every application technique


Unique matt finishing for painted surfaces

Matt and sensitive or glossy and durable – in the past, there was little choice for the surface design of installations or objects in interior spaces. Now, Brillux has developed something completely new. Brillux Softfeel. A surface finish that opens up a completely new sense of quality, both visually and in terms of feel.

Extraordinary matt surfaces for interior objects made from wood or metal – while conventional dull matt paints delivered unsatisfactory results in the past due to their high sensitivity, an effective solution finally became available in 2018. Exclusive installations for shop and exhibition construction, the hotel trade or private objects can be finished with a surface that truly impresses all the senses.

Brillux Softfeel is a transparent finish for painted wood or metal. The Softfeel effect is created by an additional application on the surface that has already been coated with Hydro-PU paint. Brillux Softfeel can be painted, rolled or sprayed. The water-based paint is low odor and forms a hard-wearing coating with velvety-soft feel and soft matt look.

Even large surfaces can be set in scene elegantly with the efficient AirCoat spray application. A new high level of quality is created and offers a special haptic experience for a wide range of applications. Brillux Softfeel thus opens up completely new design options.

Brillux Softfeel – the innovation, exclusively from Brillux

Brillux Softfeel is based on a specially developed watery polyurethane copolymer and special, highly elastic raw materials. Thanks to this unique formulation and the combination with a pioneering activator (this activator is added in the branch, after which time the product can be applied up to 4 weeks after delivery), surfaces can be achieved which impress with a pleasant, warm feel, good scratch resistance and high flexibility.

A hard-soft segment structure is formed, similar to a mountain-valley structure. Our human sense of touch is stimulated at a rate of milliseconds by this unique surface and gives us the velvety-soft and high quality feel.

The key Brillux Softfeel features:

  • for interior use
  • water-based, low odor
  • new activator technology
  • transparent
  • hard-wearing
  • abrasion-resistant
  • quick-drying
  • resistant to yellowing

Hydro PU Tec

Water-based, and still premium

There are many water-based paints. But many of the conventional water-based coatings have one major flaw – the short application time. Top results with a flow that comes close to the standard provided by solvent-based products cannot be achieved with these materials.. The keys to success are paint innovations such as Hydro-PU-Tec and the relevant application know-how. This specially developed, pioneering paint system for brush and roller application fulfills the highest demands on surface quality and easy application.

  • Water-based, low-odor
  • Based on state-of-the-art PU bonding agent technology
  • For interior use
  • Excellent flow
  • Extremely low yellowing tendency
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly lightfast

Hydro PU Spray

Reliable spray application made easy

Premium spray application and water-based? It really is possible! Our Hydro PU spray products will convince you with their perfect flow and flawless surfaces-- - and all that with excellent application comfort..

  • Water-based, low-odor
  • Based on state-of-the-art PU bonding agent technology
  • For interior use
  • For airless and AirCoat spray methods
  • Extremely low yellowing tendency
  • Easy to apply
  • Outstanding stability (up to 250 μm wet film thickness)
  • Outstanding flow

Hydro PU XSpray

Economy with system

Hydro-PU-XSpray and the innovative XVLP technology are the new dimensions in spray application. Compact handling and a perfect surface appearance – the real alternative to paintbrush and roller. All the advantages at a glance:

  • Professional solution at an attractive price-performance ratio
  • Perfectly coordinated components: Hydro-PU-XSpray and XVLP spray technology
  • Change material or color shade in one step
  • Efficient use of modern equipment even in small projects
  • Significant time saving and cost reduction compared to roller and brush application

In a direct comparison between brush and roller application and spray application, the time savings can be highlighted particularly clearly when coating a panel door on both sides. The extensive masking work and switching from paintbrush to roller make this work extremely time consuming. Simply enter the number of door surfaces to be coated and set the personal parameters for application – and the benefits of the XVLP device become clear.

Number of doors:

Traditional roller and paintbrush

Setup time

Application time

Total time

47 minutes

XVLP system solution

Setup time

Application time

Total time

12 minutes

This is how professionals paint today

Getting started with spray technology is easier than you think – and does not necessarily involve purchasing airless or AirCoat equipment. The innovative XVLP spray technology makes it easier to get started with spray technology and provides an efficient coating option even for small and medium-size projects up to 50 m². The formulas of the Hydro-PU-XSpray paints are perfectly matched to the XVLP spray technology. The size and shape of the container is also designed so that it can be easily screwed onto the relevant devices.

  • Water-based, low-odor
  • Perfect flow
  • High stability
  • Low overspray
  • Good hiding power
  • Fast drying
  • Ideally coordinated with XVLP spraying devices
  • No transfers necessary
  • Practical, easy-to-open screw cup
  • For interior use

Surfaces that delight

With only slight overspray, the XVLP spray system provides a surface finish that was previously only possible with airless or AirCoat technology. The freshly sprayed material initially remains relatively pitted for a few minutes. As it dries, however, the material relaxes completely and delivers the desired result: an excellent surface.

  • Outstanding drying behavior
  • Rapid reworking possible
  • Can also be used on sensitive objects

Color shade variety

Switch to the next color shade in a matter of seconds? Simply screw the container onto the spray gun and you're good to go The Hydro-PU-XSpray is available in the standard color shade white and a wide range of other color shades via the Brillux Color System.

  • Any color shade can be mixed in a matter of minutes
  • Available in over 170 branches
  • State-of-the-art mixing and tinting paste technology


Hydro-PU Metallicfinish: Make the room shine

Metallic surfaces provide highlights in trendy interior designs. They add a certain "je ne sais quoi", whether that's in a restaurant, exhibition space, trade fair construction and shop fitting or in private residential spaces. Hydro-PU Metallicfinish from Brillux gives painted interior surfaces that powerful, expressive look.

The innovation is brought to life with a fine metallic sheen, with an excellent depth effect, that can be brought to life in any color. That’s because the finish is transparent and, as the top coat, transforms any Brillux Hydro-PU paint coating into a metallic paint coating.

Of course, all premium properties are included: The water-based, low odor Hydro PU Metallicfinish is easy to apply and scores points with its great surface quality and long-lasting color accuracy. The shimmering solution to glossy metallic accents!

The Hydro-PU Metallicfinish from Brillux gives interior surfaces that special shine. The basis for the coating are colored Brillux Hydro-PU paint coatings, which are applied to components such as doors, frames, wooden paneling, and wall surfaces.

The properties:

  • specially set for efficient spray application
  • water-based, low-odor
  • silk gloss
  • high stability
  • quick drying
  • block-resistant
  • extremely low tendency to yellowing
  • hard-wearing and cleanable
  • outstanding flow
  • meets EN 71-3 Safety of toys, resistant to saliva and perspiration

To create metallic color shades that are as realistic as possible according to known Color Systems, e.g., Scala and RAL, as well as DB color shades, we recommend using on a coordinated base color shade. These are available in all Hydro-PU paints using the Brillux Color System.

The perfect finish for every single spray application

The coating material must be right for use – that's the formula to getting the best result. That's why the Hydro-PU Metallicfinish is available for different types of spray application in two versions.

2C Aqua

2C Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388: unsurpassed strength

The new water-based 2C Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388 combines two components to create an innovative high-tech coating. This paint is convincing because of its extremely high durability and stressability and also exhibits minimum odor development and maximum environmental sustainability. Whether in heavily frequented areas such as public buildings, schools, and kindergartens, or in environments under particular stress from chemicals or disinfectants such as hospitals, medical practices, or nursing homes: There are application field that place extreme demands on the durability of a coating. Other usage areas for 2C Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388 are metal facades, coil coatings, doors, door frames or handrails. The product is also convincing because of its good direct adhesion to coatable plastics.

The properties of 2C Aqua silk matt enamel 2388 at a glance:

  • water-based, two-component polyurethane acrylic paint
  • for interior and exterior use
  • resistant to mechanical and chemical stress
  • disinfectant-resistant and can be decontaminated
  • resistant to saliva and hand sweat (in accordance with EN 71-3)
  • suitable for indirect contact with foodstuffs
  • excellent adhesion
  • very light- and weather-resistant
  • especially mild odor development
  • AgBB certified
  • rapid curing

There are different application methods available for coating build-up; this means that there is the suitable technology and maximum application comfort for every object situation. For roller application, we recommend using Hydro Paint Roller 1288. This foam paint roller achieves a finer surface finish. Brush application should preferably be performed with Uni-Plus Paint Brushes. For AirCoat spray application, large areas can be coated effectively and efficiently with 2C Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388. In addition to the standard color shade white, 2C Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388 is also available in a wide color shade variety via the Brillux Color System.

Room for ideas: 2C Aqua Whiteboard 2384

In offices, conference and seminar rooms, whiteboards are a useful tool for lucid presentation, sketching and documentation. Whiteboards are also becoming increasingly popular in private residential areas.

With 2C Aqua Whiteboard 2384, Brillux provides the option of transforming entire wall surfaces into functional whiteboards and thus integrating them harmoniously into the interior design. Its superior cleaning properties are achieved as a result of its particularly pore-free surface, which can be written on as desired with special whiteboard markers and allows the writing to be removed without a trace.

In combination with CreaGlas Fiberglass Nonwoven VG 4101 Magnetic, multifunctional magnetic whiteboards can also be created.

The properties of 2C Aqua Whiteboard 2384:

  • color shade: white
  • water-based, two-component polyurethane acrylic coating
  • high gloss
  • for interior use
  • easy to clean
  • very low odor
  • excellent adhesion
  • rapid curing
  • available in the 625 ml container (+ 2C Aqua Hardener 2380, 125 ml)

2C Aqua primers: outstanding preparation for perfect results

Another new addition to the range is the 2C Aqua Epoxi Primer 2373, a water-based, two-component primer with outstanding adhesion and high resistance. 2C Aqua Epoxi Primer 2373 is available in the color shades white, anthracite, red brown and gray, and can be used universally on non-absorbent, rigid substrates such as zinc, galvanized steel, aluminum, melamine resin plates and on load-bearing coatings made from polyurethane, epoxy and alkyd resin paints.

Iron and steel components are also possible substrates in interior rooms. Application is performed with a brush or roller. Alkyd, acrylic, epoxy, PU or polymer resin paints are suitable for the following coating build-up. Used in the system with 2C Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388, an unbeatable duo for durable coatings.

Brillux developed the 2C Aqua Epoxy Spray Primer 2375 especially for efficient spray application using the AirCoat method. The extremely fine atomization of the material guarantees low texture formation on the surface and also ensures perfect adhesion on many interior substrates.

The properties of 2C Aqua Primers at a glance:

  • Water-based
  • Epoxy resin-based
  • Matt
  • Excellent adhesion promotion
  • Fast-drying
  • Can be used anywhere

Lacryl PU

For the highest degree of healthy living and environmental protection

Appealing color design and healthy living: The water-based Lacryl paints, woodstains and primers provide both. Constantly optimized and developed, they meet all the requirements of the "Blue Angel" environmental label.

  • Water-based, low-odor
  • Acrylic resin base
  • For interior and exterior use
  • PU-reinforced
  • Highly light-proof
  • Hard-wearing and cleanable
  • Water-vapor-permeable
  • Block-resistant

Solvent-based paints

Our classics with alkyd resin base are among the most effective on the market. And are also aromatics-free and have a mild odor.


Coating build-up

Prime, intermediate, and top coat: Proper coating build-up is one of the biggest challenges of the trade.