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2K-Aqua Durakett 2394


Water-based, two-component polyurethane acrylic sealant for particularly resistant transparent or colored sealants on high traffic parquet flooring, floorboards, wooden floors and wooden steps.


  • for interior use
  • matt
  • very low odor
  • highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stress
  • rapid curing
  • very good flow properties
  • excellent adhesion
  • very light-resistant
  • very hard-wearing
  • excellent cleanability
  • suitable for chair-caster loads

Drying (+20°C, 65 % relative humidity)

Dust dry after 2 hours, can be walked on after 24 hours, fully stressable after 7 days.


Approx. 90-110 ml/m² per layer.


2K-Aqua Durakett 2394 may only be used in combination with 2K-Aqua Hardener 2380.