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Lacryl Universal Primer 246

Lacryl Universal Primer 246


Ideal adhesion promoter for aftercoating with acrylic or alkyd resin enamel paints. For prime coats on wood, zinc, galvanized steel, aluminum and hard PVC.


  • water-based, low-emission and low-pollutant universal adhesion primer
  • acrylic resin base
  • for both exterior and interior use
  • adhesion promoting
  • good filling and covering capacity
  • easy to apply
  • fast-drying


Drying (+20°C, 65 % relative humidity)

Can be reworked with acrylic paints after 2-3 hours, can be reworked with alkyd resin enamel paints after 12 hours.


Approx. 90-120 ml/m² per layer.