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Multi-Primer 227

Multi-Primer 227


For thick-film corrosion protection prime coats on iron and steel surfaces, especially in system build-up with MP Thick Film 229. Also suitable as a universal adhesion primer on iron, steel, aluminum, zinc and hard PVC.


  • for both exterior and interior use
  • matt
  • excellent corrosion protection
  • excellent adhesion on many substrates, even on zinc
  • can be used for thick-film coating
  • almost no embrittlement thanks to a bonding agent with a mixed polymer resin base
  • in system construction, tested for steel in accordance with corrosivity category C4 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944, Part 6


Drying (+20°C, 65 % relative humidity)

Dust dry after 1 hour, can be reworked with MP Thick Film 229 after 4-5 hours, can be reworked with alkyd resin enamel paints after 24 hours.


Approx. 120 ml/m² per layer, 210 ml/m² airless spray application.


Scala No. Designation
0095 white*
87.03.18 7106 grey
27.12.24 8101 red brown
* also in 750 ml

Basecode colors can be mixed using the Brillux Color System