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Metallic wall design Creativ Lucento 83 – Metal texture technique Casino 4c10

The Casino Application Technique describes the standard application of Creativ Lucento 83 with the effect additive Creativ Cristallo 183. Depending on the desired design, this technique can be used to achieve a large-scale, patchy or a uniform appearance. Both versions differ in the type and in the point in time of the final texturing.

Step 1

The first material application Creativ Lucento 83 occurs without a specific roller direction with the Microfiber Paint Roller 1221 on the color-coordinated substrate.

Step 2

Add Creativ Cristallo 183 to Creativ Lucento 83 for the second material application.

Step 3

In the second material application, lumps are distributed loosely with the Block Brush, oval 1175 and then distributed and smoothed across the area.

Step 4

Optionally, the coating can also be smoothed with the Surface Block Brush Extra 1210 after a short flash-off time. This achieves a patchy appearance.

Step 5

The Metal Texture Technique Casino is currently one of the most popular creative techniques.