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Metallic wall design

Metallic gloss wall and ceiling areas create a particularly exclusive atmosphere. Depending on the color shade choice, they look extremely sophisticated and add a touch of grandeur – or they shine brightly, shimmer and sparkle mysteriously. This type of wall design can be used to achieve a wide range of room concepts perfectly. All techniques for metallic wall design are based on the products Creativ Metallico 76, Creativ Lucento 83 or Creativ Tenero 84.

Creativ Metallic Wall Design Color Charts

Creativ Metallic Wall Design Color Charts

From unobtrusive, elegant gloss to three-dimensional effects: Wall design with metallic effects offers solutions for different theme worlds. The current color spectrum comprises a total of 64 color shades. These are grouped into four different theme worlds: "Light Luster", "Deep Sparkle", "Natural Shine" and "Vintage Gleam". Use the Creativ Metallic Wall Design Color Charts for inspiration and as a consultation and decision-making aid for the products Creativ Tenero 84, Creativ Lucento 83 and Creativ Metallico 76.

Light Luster: inspired by Scandinavia

Copenhagen and Stockholm - the design metropolises of the North - have significantly influenced the "Light Luster" theme world. Clear shapes and light colors have a down-to-earth and clean effect. The Scandinavian style offers Nordic cleanliness and space that invites you to develop your own personal taste. Light colors are used for full-surface design and are enhanced with accents in the color shades anthracite, petrol, copper, and red.

Deep Sparkle: calming depth

Inspired by saturated and dark color shades from stately England, the "Deep Sparkle" theme world presents expressive metallics on specifically highlighted wall surfaces. In conjunction with the metallic gloss and the light reflection, which adds a positive effect, the primarily dark color shades from this theme world show their harmonious side. Dark metallics from the color shades violet, purple, green or brown form the basis for arrangements with high ceilings and high-quality painted doors.

Natural Shine: natural and engineered

Environmental- and health-compatibility has become significantly more important in modern society in the recent past. Sustainability and naturalness are becoming more and more important in the context of increasingly faster technical developments and create a calming haven of peace. The metallic color shades from the "Natural Shine" theme world combine the engineered, metallic look perfectly with color shades from nature. Greens, beige, red and orange form the multifaceted basis for creating designs in the modern "Natural Shine" look.

Vintage Gleam: future trends from yesteryear

With "Vintage Gleam", revival means returning to good things from the past and combining them with clear colors and reduced forms. The focus is on individuality without the impact of global trends and the influence of mass movements. This theme world focuses on color shades that are unobtrusive, offer durability and therefore contribute to the much-cited deceleration. Subtle blue in conjunction with brown/beige and softened silver combine perfectly with wood and chrome to create "Vintage Gleam".