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Hybrid Sealing Compound 383

Hybrid Sealing Compound 383

Versatile use, single-component, solvent-free, and odor-less hybrid sealing compound with good UV resistance. Resistant to early contact with water as well as soft and elastic after having cured.

  • No formation of blisters
  • Fast skin formation
  • Low sensitivity to dust
  • Free from silicone, isocyanate, and PCP
  • Very low levels of shrinkage
  • Coating-compatible as per DIN 52452, part 4
For sealing glass, building expansion and connection joints, for interior and exterior use, e.g. on concrete, aerated concrete, brickwork, as well as some metals and plastic materials. Also suitable to bond Drip Edge Profiles 1595 and Coved Profiles 1593. Do not use for sealing windows and on marble as well as artificial stone. 290 ml cartridges in white and gray:



Calculating joint depth times joint length results in the consumption. With a joint cross section of 10 x 10 mm the cartridge is enough for approximately 3 m. Determine the exact consumption by test use on the item to be coated.

Ordering Information

0383.0290.0095/cartridge/white/sales unit 20
0383.0290.7900/cartridge/gray/sales unit 20