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Neutral Silicon 386

Neutral Silicon 386

Single-component, neutrally linking silicone sealant. Low odor, coating-compatible and non-corrosive. For sealing glass, building expansion and connection joints, for interior and exterior use. Outstanding resistance to countless chemical substances. For instance, adheres to glass, aluminum, PVC, zinc, coated iron and wood parts, tiles, and different plastic materials. Do not use for fish tanks and on marble, natural stone, or bitumen.
310 ml cartridges in the following colors: white, transparent, gray, brown, black.



Calculating joint width times joint depth times joint length results in the consumption.
With a joint cross section of 10 x 10 mm the cartridge is enough for approximately 3.10 m.
Determine the exact consumption by test use on the item to be coated.

Ordering Information

0386.0310.0100/cartridge/sales unit 12
0386.0310.0095/cartridge/sales unit 12
0386.0310.7900/cartridge/sales unit 12
0386.0310.8900/cartridge/sales unit 12
0386.0310.9900/cartridge/sales unit 12