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Acrylic Sealing Compound 395

Acrylic Sealing Compound 395

Single-component, interior and exterior joint sealant on the basis of acrylate dispersion. Binds to form elastoplastic material after drying. Can be coated with all Brillux emulsion paints. For sealing joints and links with low elongation stress and in environments that are not permanently exposed to moisture.

  • 310 ml cartridge in white, gray, brown
  • 320 ml tubular bag in white



Calculating joint width times joint depth times joint length results in the consumption.
With a joint cross section of 5 x 5 mm the cartridge is enough for approximately 12.4 m.
Determine the exact consumption by test use on the item to be coated.

Ordering Information

0395.0310.0095/cartridge/white/sales unit 12
0395.0310.7900/cartridge/gray/sales unit 12
0395.0310.8900/cartridge/brown/sales unit 12
0395.0320.0000/tubular bag/white/sales unit 12