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The new brand Lignodur Passionate and competent about wood

Quality in wooden coatings has a name: Lignodur. Brillux presents the whole range of products for the maintenance, protection and design of wooden surfaces under the strong brand. Whether it be for woodstains, wood paints, oils or impregnations – Brillux has the optimal solution for any area of application.

Lignodur is the ideal full range for wood coatings. And you can expect the familiar Brillux quality! All of our products have been through our intense development stagesand passed comprehensive lab and practical tests. When you rely on Lignodur, you get first-class
products for all cases.

Lignodur – to maintain your wooden surfaces long-term.

An updated design for an advanced range

Simply choose the appropriate product, Brillux willdeliver and work can begin: thanks to the clear and modern design of Lignodur, your work is now easier than ever before. You can choose between proven and new products in a universal range for professional surface
treatments for wooden components. The product range is structured in a clear manner and packed in a new design, which highlights the quality and advanced character of Lignodur products.

Protect sustainably

Treat naturally – design aesthetically

The right product for each project: Lignodur makes it possible. The high-quality full range of wood coatings from Brillux not only protects against external impacts, but also provides effective care. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to design with it – indoors or out depending on your needs. And application couldn’t be easier: the impressive product characteristics of the capable range
make sure of it. Each wooden component thus gets its own design – in a natural wooden look, toned with the aesthetic of the wooden grain or completely solid.

There are products in the Lignodur range to match all needs:
■ water-based or solvent-based
■ matt, silk matt or silk gloss
■ translucent, solid or oiled
■ for indoors or outdoors
■ easy application
■ for dimensionally stable, limited dimensionally stable
or non-dimensionally stable components
■ optionally available in Protect quality for external areas
■ numerous selection of sizes and shades

Professional products for professional use

Oiled, translucent or solid? With Lignodur, you will always find the right product for sustainable protection and the natural maintenance of wooden components – either water- based or solvent-based depending on your needs, butalways easy to apply. Whether woodstains, wood paints, oils or impregnations: here a glance is enough to find the right product for your needs.

Water-based woodstains

Whether indoors or outdoors: water-based woodstains are by no means worse than solvent-based woodstains. In fact, thanks to their quick drying and low odor, they are more popular than ever. With Lignodur Grenodecor 236 and Lignodur TopGuard 280, Brillux offers two alternatives: matt or silk gloss? Natural wooden appearance or appealing grain accentuation of the substrate with high weather-resistance? The choice is yours.

Solvent-based woodstains

The classics for long-term protection of hardwood and coniferous wood components: solvent-based woodstains are not only particularly easy to use, but they protect surfaces optimally from the effects of weathering.

From Lignodur UltraGuard 580 to Lignodur VarioGuard Tix 510 and Lignodur ImpreGuard 625: Brillux has the ideal solution for each requirement and preferred means of application.


Wood paints

Designing with wood: the Lignodur wood paints give timber a new character. Thanks to their special coverage, they are particularly suited for a wide range of use cases. Whether you need a water-based or solvent-based wood paint, optimal color shade stability and especially flexible coating films or a structure-preserving one-pot system, Lig-nodur FlexGuard 871 and Lignodur SolvoGuard 885 provide you with long-lasting coatings.

Wood oils

Do you want to treat wood without a film forming? Then you too will find what you are looking for in the Lignodur range.
The two wood oils Lignodur Hydrodol 240 and Lignodur Xylodol 540 not only treat the wood but – with Lignodur’smatt appearance – highlight the character of the natural timber.

Depending on the wooden substrate, each of the eight possible colors has its own individual charm.

Make a scene

Design your next wood project

Use wood surfaces for the aesthetic facade and interior design. When planning your next project, ask yourself “Does it always have to be white?” With various services, Brillux shows that it can also be done differently. Do translucent and solid color shades go together? Which color nuance on the adjacent plastered area goes with the wooden shade? Find responses to these and other questions in the color chart and the design card for wooden coatings. Lignodur: product quality combined with comprehensive wood expertise from Brillux.