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Lignodur VarioGuard 618

Lignodur VarioGuard 618

Matt Woodstain 618
For wheather-resistant woodstain coatings on all types of hardwood and softwood. Can be used as one-pot system for not dimensionally accurate wooden components and wooden components with limited dimensional accuracy.

  • aromatics-free
  • deeply penetrating alkyd resin varnish
  • for both exterior and interior use
  • matt
  • natural visual effect
  • moisture-regulating
  • drip-inhibited
  • optionally available for exterior use in Protect quality (film protection against algae and fungal infestation of the coating)

Drying (+20°C, 65 % relative humidity)

Dry after 7 hours, coatable after 24 hours.


Approx. 70 ml/m² per layer.