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Lignodur FlexGuard 871

Lignodur FlexGuard 871


Topcoat 871

For optimum protection and decorative design of panelling, fences, pergolas, roof soffits, window shutters and eaves.


  • highly weather resistant emulsion paint
  • water-based
  • for exterior use only
  • good coverage
  • ideal combination of the highest UV protection and weather resistance
  • Film protection from the factory
  • highly diffusible and water repellent
  • good extensibility, no embrittlement
  • optionally available in Protect quality (film protection against algae and fungal infestation of the coating)


Drying (+20°C, 65 % relative humidity)

Surface dry after 1-2 hours, coatable after 10 hours.


Approx. 120-150 ml/m² per layer.