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ETICS Anchor Washer 3711

ETICS Anchor Washer 3711

Can be used as an additional washer with statically-relevant anchoring of ETICS mineral wool or ETICS stone mineral lamella insulation boards.

  • perforated anchor washer made from polyamide with a customized fit
  • with general building authority approval
  • especially suited to combining with ETICS washer anchors (washer diameter: 60 mm)
  • available in three versions
- VT 90 (diameter 90 mm) for surface-flush mounting
  • VT 2G (diameter 112 mm) for recessed mounting when anchoring ETICS Mineral Wool Insulation Boards WLG 035/036
  • SBL plus (diameter 140 mm) for surface-flush mounting of ETICS stone mineral lamella insulation boards


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Ordering Information

3711.0090.0000 (VT 90)
3711.0112.0000 (VT 2G)
3711.0000.0000 (SBL plus)
PU 100