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ETICS Nail Anchor NK U 3751 ETA

ETICS Nail Anchor NK U 3751 ETA


For quick and permanently secure mounting of ETICS retaining ledges in the Brillux ETIC systems. Also suitable for mounting ETICS base profiles.


  • nail anchor made of polyamide
  • according to General National Technical Approval No. Z-21-2-1788
  • anchor sleeve with special collar head
  • preassembled nail for quick mounting
  • mount by hammering in.
  • Anchoring substrates: Concrete (at least B15), solid brick (at least Mz12), solid lime sand brick (at least Ks12) and weather shells/three-layer boards (at least B15).
  • minimum anchoring depth: >= 25 mm in load-bearing substrate
  • anchor lengths: 45, 65 and 85 mm. Further anchor lengths available on request.