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Lacryl-PU Wood Sealer 264

Lacryl-PU Wood Sealer 264

A high quality, clear sealer for natural wood surfaces, e.g. wood profiles, wood facings, doors, panelling and skirting boards.

  • glossy
  • water-based, low-emission and low-pollutant
  • quick-drying PU acrylic paint
  • for interior use only
  • with special contains UV absorbers to maintain the original wood color
  • hard-wearing, abrasion resistant
  • resistant to mild household cleaners
  • resistant to yellowing
  • block-resistant


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Drying (+20°C, 65 % relative humidity)

Surface dry after 1-2 hours, coatable after 4-5 hours, fully stressable after 8 days.


Approx. 70 - 100 ml/m² per coat.