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Our promise Familiar Brillux quality in a new design

For over 130 years of creating and constantly redeveloping products, quality has always been more than just a claim: for us, quality always comes first.

Brillux brand and quality promises

No external quality measures can further convince us of these demands than how we already view quality ourselves each day. Of course we want to express this promise of quality to you on our packaging too.


We now have a clear and tidy design for the front, focusing your attention to the most important elements. The main products in our range have been given slightly different background colors, making each respective product a little more recognizable.

Other claims have been shortened and present only the main characteristics. A space beside the product name is set aside for the gloss grade information, except for cases that it is part of the product name. In addition, a field for color and texture differences allows a more efficient visual distinction between different products.


For an appearance that showcases our quality for all to see, we chose straight line design and a uniform distinction of the ranges while maintaining the familiar color design.

Highlights of the range retain their silver-colored design stripe, pictograms and notes of gloss grade as well as light and gloss effects.

The majority of established products have coordinated accent colors as well as light and gloss effects.

Standard products are understated without extra visual accents. The base label has a specific area for the Color System label.

The new packaging design

Information on the rear is sorted by language and contains all legal requirements as well as notes on application and handling the product.

Other technical properties can be included in a table. Through the reduced and tidied product design, we have created space on the label for our international customers.

The new design allows both recognition for the current countries of sales while creating space for potential future languages.

This is a selection of new and amended signets and pictograms to give you an impression of the changes (March 2022). The continued review and further development of the Brillux range means we have had to squeeze more and more words onto the labels.

The new brand Lignodur

The new brand Lignodur

Your strong partner for wooden coatings combines passion and expertise.