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Solvent-based paints Aromatics-free classics

Isoparaffin instead of white spirit: This is the formula behind the success of our solvent-based paints and prime coats with alkyd resin base. Your advantage: Optimal application and product properties with significantly reduced odor. The solvent isoparaffin is also much more environmentally friendly and has significantly lower levels of aromatics than white spirit. With other products commonly available on the market, the levels of aromatic compounds can be reduced from the usual 2025 percent to under 1 percent through distillation.


Isoparaffin not only reduces the odor by a factor of 60, but also makes the qualities much more environmental- and health-compatible, while also providing outstanding application and product properties. Brillux has a tradition of expertise in research and development: Consequently, developing a new generation of innovative, high-performance paints was a logical step. Aromatics-free and with a mild odor, Impredur paints and prime coats have been among the best on the market for years.

The arguments for our solvent-based paints:

  • Aromatics-free
  • Alkyd resin base
  • High-gloss: for interior and exterior use
  • Silk matt: for interior use and exterior environments
  • Outstanding flow
  • Perfect surface appearance
  • Resistant to typical household cleaners

Residur 891

For hard, particularly durable surfaces

Brillux Residur 891 is a weather-resistant, fast-drying, high-gloss paint that provides the highest product and application quality with optimal environmental sustainability. Here too, we rely on our successful formula "isoparaffin instead of white spirit". This aromatics-free paint with extremely mild odor is easy to apply, very economical, and creates efficient, extremely durable coatings with its extraordinary durability. Residur 891 is the first choice wherever extremely hard, durable surfaces, which are also resistant to short-term exposure to lubricants, drilling oil, and diesel, are required. With its outstanding surface hardness, this new alkyd resin enamel paint is convincing in applications where high requirements are placed on the coating – such as railings, pipes, machine parts, or agricultural machinery.

Tough – the special properties of Residur 891 at a glance:

  • Aromatics-free, mild odor
  • Alkyd resin base
  • For interior and exterior use
  • High gloss
  • Optimum hiding power
  • Outstanding surface hardness
  • Resistant to short-term exposure to lubricants, drilling oil and diesel oil

Water-based enamel paints

With our complete product range of paints, woodstains and primers, you profit from our know-how and quality advantage.


Coating build-up

Prime, intermediate, and top coat: Proper coating build-up is one of the biggest challenges of the trade.