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Current references

Robert-Bosch-Straße, Darmstadt Robert-Bosch-Straße, Darmstadt Haydnstraße, Bochum Haydnstraße, Bochum In der Helle, Herne In der Helle, Herne Bürgermeister-Kürten-Straße, Bremen Bürgermeister-Kürten-Straße, Bremen

Jürgen Töpfer Straße 3-19, Hamburg

Stone-by-stone to an individual color design

A great combination: White render and ceramic coverings in a vibrant gray brown color flow on Brillux ETICS. In cooperation with the architect and developer, the Brillux color studio Hamburg developed the color design for this residential development with 99 residential units, a nursery and an underground garage in the Jürgen-Töpfer-Straße in Hamburg. As early as the planning phase, the sampling of the facing stones was carried out by the color designer. Using sample boards, the desired color shades were defined for the ceramic coverings and then produced for the client.

The external shell was highly thermally insulated with the Brillux ETIC System I. Around two thirds of the facades were then rendered with Mineral Lightweight Render KR K2 3664, the facing bricks were used in the bottom area of the building complex. This was how passive house standard was achieved in the funded residential building through the targeted use of innovative technology. As a WK passive house, the residential building was funded with a low-interest loan by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg via the Hamburgische Wohnungsbaukreditanstalt (WK).

Both the site manager at the architectural practice and the foreman of the executing company were supported on-site at the construction site by the technical consultant. The result is a complete execution of the facade insulation and coating perfect down to the smallest detail and an individual color design stone-by-stone.

WHM GbR, 20359 Hamburg

HeitmannMontúfar Architekten, Hamburg

PLW Fassadenbautechnik Wirski GmbH, Hamburg

  • ETIC System I
  • Mineral Lightweight Render KR K2 3664
  • Silicate Finish 1811
  • Ceramic coverings
  • Creation of the service specifications
  • Technical consulting
  • Sampling of the ceramic coverings by color studio Hamburg
  • Overseeing of the construction site
  • Close cooperation with the architect and executing company

Pommernstraße, Tornesch

Dark red and anthracite: Intense dark color shades on ETICS

Since 2013, the residential area located just a few minute's walk from the Tornesch train station and dating back to the 1970s has been undergoing renovation. For the facade design, Theodor Semmelhaack turned to the Brillux color studio in Hamburg. A color design was developed together, which divides the surfaces into vertical rectangles at different heights and pays homage to the surrounding buildings with a material combination of render and brick. A modern colorfulness of intense red shades, white, light gray and anthracite, combined with ceramic coverings – in conjunction with ETICS, posed two technical challenges.

First challenge: ETICS and ceramic coverings
Due to the weight per unit area created by the ceramic coverings, the ETICS has to fulfill high technical requirements. Gluing, reinforcement, anchoring and expansion joints must be planned exactly for this durable, but demanding material. With the technical consultation, Brillux provided the necessary know-how in all planning phases, was regularly on-site at the construction site and monitored the execution to ensure that all steps were carried out correctly.

2. challenge: ETICS and intense, dark color shades
With no additional effort and with a single coating: With SolRefl ex, Brillux has developed a special infrared reflecting TSR formula, which prevents surface heat build-up of thermal insulating composite systems. The lower thermal heat build-up enables the use of intense, dark color shades on ETICS. For the residential site in Tornesch, several color shades with a light reflective value of less than 20 were used: The anthracite has a light reflective value of 11.3, the intensive, dark red even has a light reflective value of just 7.3 – both color shades »work« well on the Brillux ETIC system III used thanks to the TSR formula.

Wohnungsbaugesellschaft m.b.H. Th. Semmelhaack, Elmshorn

Hans-Jürgen Rath GmbH, Schenefeld

  • ETIC System III
  • Concrete Acryl OS 859
  • Silicate Finish 1811
  • Evocryl 200 with TSR formula
  • Rausan KR K2 3516
  • Ceramic coverings
  • Technical consulting
  • Personal overseeing of the construction site
  • Monitoring of the ETIC installation
  • Anchor quantity calculation
  • Calculation and planning of the expansion joints
  • Checking the board adhesion
  • Checking the reinforcement layer thicknesses
  • Color design, Brillux color studio Hamburg

Kaiser-Wilhelm-/Bruchwitz-/Scharzhofberger Straße 1, Berlin

Artistic facade design

How can you make residential objects interesting for young people in the long-term and also prevent overaging and vacancy.

Genossenschaftliches Wohnen Berlin-Süd eG chose an artistic facade design and commissioned Berlin-based artist Sandra Lange with the task. The piece of art bears the title »No Stars But Stripes« and makes an audible reference to the site in the former American sector. Three abstract pieces of art decorate the total of six gable walls. The trees and shrubs in front of the buildings, the position of the sun and light conditions were planned by the artist as part of the artwork. Her design is based on stripe-like, conical and rectangular surfaces that are colored in precisely defined, twelve earthy color grades and connect the building with the surrounding trees.

This unusual facade design project was accompanied by Brillux, from the initial idea and a joint discussion between GeWo Süd, the painting company and artist, throughout the development of the color shades, to the practical execution on the facades. During the execution of the coating work, an innovative system was used in the form of XVLP spraying technology that made the laborious execution of the curtailment significantly easier.

Genossenschaftliches Wohnen Berlin-Süd eG

Malermeister Christian Schiller, Zehlendorf

  • Lacryl Deep Penetrating Primer ELF 595
  • Acrylic Facade Paint (Protect)
  • Use of the SolReflex technology to prevent thermal heat build-up on the facade
  • Technical consultation and joint discussion between the association, painting company and the artist
  • Advice on the suitable coating system
  • Presentation at the property owners' meeting
  • Close supervision during the renovation phase

Sanda Lange, Berlin

Weinbrennerstraße 10 and 12, Lörrach

All-round support from the planning to implementation

Living on the castle courtyard – under this motto, in the southern inner city of Lörrach, a six-storey residential development and medical center and retirement home with multiple service providers in the building, as well as an integrated car park, was created. Throughout the entire project, Brillux was on hand for the client, architect and the painting company with a tailored service – starting with the planning and consultation for the painting and ETICS work, the creation of the service specifications, through to close supervision at the construction site.

The color design was also created in close cooperation with the responsible people involved in the project. With the clearly defined colorful-uncolorful contrast between the warm, Mediterranean red tone of the residence and the fresh white shade of the point block, a vibrant interplay and soothing contrast to the surrounding buildings was created. The result impresses with a clearly structured, defined, finely coordinated colorfulness that creates a characteristic and extremely inviting overall impression.

Stadtbau Lörrach / Städtische Wohnbaugesellschaft Lörrach

Tanneberg Haas Mattes Architekten - Ingenieure GmbH, Weil am Rhein

Heinrich Schmid GmbH & Co. KG Malerwerkstätten , Lörrach

  • ETIC System IV and VI
  • Acrylic Facade Paint
  • Silicate Finish 1811
  • Silicone Facade Paint 918
  • Topcoat 871
  • Impredur Primer 835
  • Planning, detail and application advice in the field of »ETICS work« and »painting work«
  • Creation of performance specifications in the fields »ETICS« and »painters«
  • Weekly building site appointments
  • Supporting the executing company in the areas ETICS and painters
  • Color design, Brillux color studio Frankfurt

Bahnhofstr. 45, Erfurt

»The colorfulness of the emperor penguin« – or the implementation of an unusual color design

The color design task was clearly formulated by the architectural practice: Elegance, individuality, inventiveness and modernity should be reflected on the facade of the building. »The colorfulness of an emperor penguin« provided inspiration for Rimantas Dapschauskas (Dipl. Ing.) in his design approach. The emperor penguin has feathers that are black on the top and white on the bottom. This makes it very difficult to see from below when chasing prey and from above for its enemies. Its only coloring is the yellow-orange below the neck and on the cheeks. This yellow-orange coloring has been executed subtly on the facade: On the niches, reveals and architraves of the pillars, two colors were used to create a light and above all cheerful color impression.

Brillux was on hand with technical consulting services for the builders, the planning architectural practice and the painting company right through to the end of the project.

Owner community
Bahnhofstr. 45, Erfurt

Delta Freie Architekten und Ingenieure, Erfurt

Frank Wiegand Malerbetrieb, Stadtilm

  • Silicone Facade Paint 918
  • Acrylic Facade Paint
  • Technical consulting
  • Creation of the service specifications
  • Overseeing the painting work during implementation
  • Color design by the Brillux color studio Münster

Am Klemmberg 1-18, Weißenfels

Color design: Consensus building with over 100 owners

As part of the renovation, 1,600 m2 facade surfaces of the freehold apartment complex in Weißenfels were to be coated. To improve the visual appeal, the facades with their pink shades that had grayed over time were to be given a new face. The Brillux color studio in Leipzig created a color concept that combines the bold and less intense color shades from the color shade ranges orange, yellow and blue to create a harmonious, yet varied overall appearance. The coordination process between the around 100 owners in the residential complex was closely managed by the Technical Consulting Service.

Once the color design had been agreed, Brillux created the service specifications. Because this project was a direct award, the technical consultant provided the issuing company MD Hausverwaltung GmbH with a reference list with skilled trade companies. Brillux provided the painting companies with an object-based offer, which they could use to price the service specification.

MD Hausverwaltung GmbH, Schwandorf

Malerbetrieb Franz Rebl GmbH, Landau

  • Silicone Facade Paint 918
  • Acrylic Facade Paint
  • Analysis of the actual situation on-site
  • Renovation recommendation
  • Joint development of the color design
  • Presentation and coordination of the color design with around 100 owners
  • Creation of the service specifications
  • Quantity survey
  • Creation of a reference list with skilled trade companies
  • Evaluation of the offers together with the property management
  • Overseeing of the construction site through to completion
  • Color design, Brillux color studio Leipzig