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ETICS Easy Plus Cutting Tool


Durable, easy-to-operate cutting tool for thermal cutting of EPS hard foam insulation board. Variably suitable when on scaffolding or free-standing. With two support angles on the left and right for pleasant and accurate working. Footrest with folding mechanism, thus significantly more convenient to transport. With wall hook to attach to already bonded insulation board.

For a number of cut variants, such as straight, rafter, diagonal, miter, rabbet, groove, and separating cuts. Fast wire change without the need for tools thanks to completely prepared, durable cutting wires.


  • Maximum cutting length: 103 cm
  • Cutting depth: up to 220 mm
  • Weight: approximately 12.5 kg

Complete with integrated scaffolding coupling, installed transformer, folding base, 4 spare cutting wires (0.80 mm/1.35 m), and operating manual.

Ordering Information

1463.0220.0103/cutting tool/sales unit 1 unit
1463.0100.0000/spare wire/sales unit 1 pack