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Support Bracket TRA-WIK-ALU-RF 3877

Support Bracket TRA-WIK-ALU-RF 3877

Support bracket made from PU hard foam for thermal-bridge-free external mounting of window blocks, railings, etc., on the facade in thermal insulation composite systems.

  • rot-resistant PU hard foam core
  • steel sheet metal insert for powerful screw-fastening to the substrate
  • thermal-bridge-free
  • with general building inspection approval
  • for insulation material thicknesses from 80 - 300 mm
  • effective surface: 97 x 45 mm


Ordering Information

3877.0080.0000 to
3877.0300.0000 incl. screws for brickwork

3877.0080.0001 to
3877.0300.0001 incl. screws for concrete

3877.0080.0002 to
3877.0300.0002 incl. threaded rods+ anchor sleeves for weight-bearing loads